3rd World descending onto Sin City

The unbelieveable happened. A few days ago it was a foreign woman letting her child shitting near a MRT station. The latest, a grown up woman shitting right in the middle of a passage way in Holland Village next to the MRT station, in broad daylight, in the midst of pedestrians passing by. She just squatted there with her pants pulled and faece on the smooth and clean polished granite floor. Can you believe it?

I really dunno what to say. In the case of the child, some bloggers even commented that when nature calls, what to do? Must shit means must shit. And here this woman did just that.

Please don’t blame it on the Singaporeans. I think this must be a once in 50 years incident. Have never heard of this kind of things happening here in the last 50 years! Real one.

I would suggest that all foreigners be invited for an integration party and be briefed that this is not the way we do things here. Just because it is normal in their countries, it is not normal here. Oh, please don’t accept this as the new normal.

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Anonymous said...

Hi RB, there must be a reason behind this kind of behaviour. A sane grown woman will not act this way. I guess there must be a reason. Did anyone asked why she did that? Maybe she was ill, maybe she was mentally challenged. Speedwing here.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi Speed, I think this is not a local. So cannot be insane to get through immigration. More like peasants from the country side when such things are the norm.

Remember 23 Aug. Will be there same place same time. Anyone else want to join us feel free to do so. Hong Lim at 4pm.

Anonymous said...

If Sinkieland die die want 6.9M or 10M population, this is what will happen. Because some of the BEST AVAILABLE foreign "talents" will be like this to make up for the numbers. And if we don't want them, there may not be enough better ones available. But we need the numbers since there are not even enough ordinary or worse Sinkies, tio bo? So bo pian mah.

Anonymous said...

To prevent such incidents, ICA should give all foreigners a list of dos and don'ts before they are given entry and residential permits. Make them study and to pass this test. If they fail, repatriate them straight away. To maintain stringent 1st world Sinkie standards, strictly no 2nd chance.

The said...

Speed, go to China and you will see that this kind of behaviour is quite prevalent. And in busy city streets, not in the suburbs.

Singapore welcomes such foreign talents.....

jjgg said...

So..are we better off than 10 years ago? During swamp time Dawson estate..no shitting in public le..

Anonymous said...

Shitting in public is ugly and smelly and unsightly. What is more serious is the number of rape and molestation cases. In the ST today, this Bangla forced himself into the room of a woman to molest her. His behaviour was a case of unrestrained lust.

There are many silly Spore women going jogging in the wee hours of the morning in deserted spots thinking it is a safe thing to do. They have forgotten about the Bukit Batok jogger, raped and murdered, and many other cases of attempted rape.

The police must put up a public warning to these silly women not to tempt the lust of sexually deprived foreign men. Offering themselves in lonely spots is surely asking for it. Trying to be nice to them, to fraternalise with them is just as good as asking for it.

Do not take your sexual and personal safety for granted.

Anonymous said...

The MRT Station toilet could be under maintenance and she might not be able to hold it anymore.
She either soiled herself or the surrounding and she wisely chose the latter
What to do? Some MRT station toilets are perpetually under maintenance.

Anonymous said...

Anon 10:23, thank you for being so kind. You should join the Singapore Kindness Movement.

Anonymous said...

Shitting in public is ok lah, it's nature's call, cannot stop, it's not like littering. Littering is against the law and can be fined. Anyway cannot take action because the authorities were too late to catch the woman. But they were very alert to catch the lady charging her phone! LOL.

Anonymous said...

"What to do? Some MRT station toilets are perpetually under maintenance."

Yah, I always wondered what Sinkies do when the toilets are closed. Because they don't shit in the streets! They don't even go behind the bushes or shit in a drain. Maybe Sinkies have sphincters made of steel while PRC's sphincters are made of jelly.

Anonymous said...

Like to take over Richard Wan, however, dont think he will be kind to hand over the baton.

Anonymous said...

Got bushes at MRT Stations meh?
Never see taxi drivers shee shee at roadside or into bushes and longkangs?
What about urines at staircase and in lift?

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Hysterical RB said, in an unexpected bout of apparent clarity:

>> I think this must be a once in 50 years incident

Are you sure 50 years. Not 57 years, or 81.25 years or 150.4 years...why 50 years, did you do research? Oh no, you suka pulled the number out your asshole lah.

These incidents are nothing to worry about. I myself frequently piss in public places when I cannot get to a loo in time. So do many guys. No harm done lah.

Girls and guys can be commonly found outside karaokes and clubs VOMITTING their guts out. Children vomit whenever they are sick.

Most people, i.e. the "normal" (whatever that means) folks don't shit in public lah. Occasionally you'll get isolated incidents, but really there is nothing to worry about.

Cognitive bias in play: Availibility Bias

Possible logical fallacy: Genetic Fallacy
i.e. "3rd world people are descending into Singapore evidenced by recent cases of people shitting in public".

I guess redbean is the one full of shit. If I'm around in the vicinity, I hope he doesn't shit. If I'm not there, I couldn't care less if he empties his bowels of the most watery, smelly diarrhea spraying all over, hither and yon! :-)

Got shit?

Anonymous said...

Lim Chu Kang forested areas have been the place where army boys would shit and pee during field trainings.

Now she must be the urban fighter.

Anonymous said...

Another stinkie views of society..

Old fart kuan yew is a great man

To use the word daft

Cunt stinkaponang view these from other perspective?

Anonymous said...

Please female toilets are really bad in Singapore. The queue is crazy.

The said...

Speedwing, your benefit of doubt is admirable. I actually had a personal experience in Beijing recently. Was having lunch at a restaurant, seated next to the window. While eating, I look out of the window and saw a father helping his son to poop on the walkway. Couldn't finish my lunch.

But do google - the following is just a sample:







Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Matilah, just becaue you find it ok to do it does not mean others would do it like you, like peeing in any holes. Oh, forgot, you have been integrated with the bush men. Having spent so much time in the bushes or with the bushes, you are sure different from us.

As for the 50 years, I can understand, with your bush man brain, or did they call it brain? tough to understand things from civilisation. Don't overstress it.

Anonymous said...

Please lah, don't give excuses lah. toilet long queues, toilet closed. even if it was really urgent and you have to shit outside, go and shit behind the station or at a more at more discreet places lah. not where everyone can see you, where people walk. i've seen this behaviour in hongkong and the hongkies would be screaming at these suaku's. only sinkies would pretend not to see and only the really daft sinkies would make up excuses for them.

Anonymous said...

The lady literally shitted at Sinkies and make them spit fire.

Anonymous said...

I wish she would shit in front of the Istana.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...


Have you noticed when RB gets criticised -- especially by me -- his response is an incoherent bolus of unintelligible drivel?

Fascinating phenomenon!

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...


Echoing many of the other bloggers: YouTube and suchlike are FULL of videos of PRC kids shitting and pissing in public under the watchful eyes and obviously the encouragement of their parents. It is a CULTURAL thing lah.

So getting mad and being sarcastic is the LEAST EFFECTIVE WAY of affecting behavioural change. These people think "it is OK" to allow such things -- i.e. they don't know any better.

Thus the best way to change their behaviour is to call the aside and POLITELY BUT FIRMLY explain the situation and tell them the laws, the mores and social norms of Singapore and its society.

In other words, grow the fuck up and behave like a decent, educated adult.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Cool man. I bet you said that to the bush men too. And I am sure they understand your logic and well meaning advice.

Go and read the comments by the PRCs here and you will know how well your advice will be taken.

I rather save my breath. Read how that woman chatted in her mobile while perform the act in public and how she yelled at someone telling her that it was not right to do that.

But don't offer your chest and your badge to them to smell.