PRC woman lets her son defecate at Chinatown MRT

‘Today I saw a PRC woman allowing her son to shi.t publicly into a drain right beside Chinatown MRT station. This is very disturbing to me and I told her to bring her son to the toilet instead. However, she told me that I shouldn’t tell her what to do and she say that there is nothing wrong for letting her son shi.t publicly into a drain.
She then started scolding me and saying about how Singaporeans think that they are very classy and always think that they are better than the PRCs. She say that PRCs are also human and that they also need to shi.t….’

The above article is being shared all over the internet and receiving a lot of attention. You can read the whole article and other similar articles in the TRE. Let me look at it from the integration perspective. By the way, 50 years ago we were no better. The behavior was quire prevalent then. It took us at least two generations to change. We have educated ourselves to a higher standard of hygiene, social behavior and conduct that are different from peasants and villagers. Our convenience has changed with the availability of toilets and washrooms everywhere. The act of children defecating in the public is no longer acceptable to us.

We have moved on and not looking back, we do not want to go back to those days when we were like that. As I have said many times, once we get out of the longkangs, to be clean, why would we want to go trampling in the longkangs to dirty ourselves, to be smelly again?

We are 1st World, we brought in millions of 3rd World people to live with us. We want them to be like us, to integrate with us, to live our way of life. The integration must be one way, not a matter of arrogance or conceitedness. Our hygiene standard is very high and desirable. I am not saying that everything from the 3rd World is bad, but from the material comfort, hygiene, cleanliness and health point of view, this is what we want.

From the replies and retorts by the woman encountered, it is clear that it is not easy to integrate them to be like us. She is angry that we are imposing on her. She would want us to be like her, to accept her ways. It may take time, but some may not, or would take a very long time.

Our overall quality of life like cleanliness and social behavior would be affected as long as the 3rd World living with us would not want to be like us or taking too long to be like us. Our clean city images have been tainted, and some Singaporeans have also joined them to add to the littering. We have gone backwards and have to live with more untidiness and more littering and rubbish everywhere. Please don’t blame it on all Singaporeans. Nearly half the population here is 3rd World. It is lucky that we have not become 3rd World with reversed integration, instead of them becoming more like us, we becoming more like them.

Is this what we want? To bear with them for the sake of cheap labour and economic growth?

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Anonymous said...

Good. Do our Ministers know of this case? They talk so much about integration but turned they heads and refused to look at reality. Please tell them talk is cheap. Don't tell us what is right by staying up in their ivory towers.

Anonymous said...

"To bear with them for the sake of cheap labour and economic growth?"

100% tio. Sinkies have to accept both the good and bad things of foreigners.

There is no way to cherry pick only the good aspects and discard the bad because, just like all things, including PAP govt, they come as a package.

Which package only consists of all good and no bad, u tell me lah?

Anonymous said...

no choice no choice no choice.....

we are fast becoming a cleanED
city from our proud world-known
clean and green city image.....

this is just one of the many new social ills we must live with.....


virgo49 said...

Aiyah, PRCc living in our block, estate same same lah.

When we waited for the lifts to come down after pressing the buttons and waiting for a while, they just scooted in with their bicycles upon rteaching the lifts arrivals.

Who cares you all waiting for so long and first in line. The fittest survived!!

When the grandpa and grandma walked round the estate with their grandchildren, they stared hard to you with noses in the air thinking, you overseas peasants from a pee sai county. You lucky we are here to help you with your economy.

We are the elite class from mainland china here with our whole families to make sure your survival.

At the ICA counters, they with their newly minted red passports scooted off before you in line to the counters ignoring you as invisible thinking you are damned stuopid to line up.

No wonder, your ex Great Leader called you all daft. You all too naive, docile, too generous, too forgiving. Need us to give you all a doze of our competitive DNA of survival instincts to let you all learn how to compete again the correct way.

Not only us PRCs but also the Pinoys, the Ah Neys and the Whites to teach you all how to take candy from the children.

But not in Kuching when we can get stabbed if we misbehaved.

Anonymous said...

If you want to stop public defecation, you will have to vote Opposition.
PAP and PM Lee got no backbone.
They only know how to bully daft Singaporeans.
And Singaporeans only know how to vote PAP.
Singaporeans and PAP together forever - just like a bad marriage.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Alamak, relac lah.

Occasionally stuff like this is going to happen. The average PRC doesn't even allow this to happen with their kids in their own cuntry....however once in awhile you will come across people who just don't give a fuck about decency, hygiene and other peoples' existence , and therefore will do anything they think they can get away with.

What's more, if you tell them off, they will become arrogant and defensive. These are not nice people. You get that. We all have encountered such people.

Lucky now we have YouTube, which is the best tool today for publicly calling out people for their bad behaviour.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...
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Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

One thing I must say: you knee-jerk motherfuckers never fail to entertain lah.

RB, first: RB, you dun even know whether this mum-son duo are citizens, PR's or just fucking tourists lah. Yet you can write a whole screed about this.

You're becoming quite the ex-spurt of making something out of nothing. Time for you to consider starting your own RELIGION. ;-)

To the rest: One shitting child is not going to fuck up your....ooops I mean the cuntree you "used to own". ;-)

One shitting child DOES NOT add weight to your already emotional-based (as opposed to FACT-based) and WEAK arguments against foreign immigration.

Shame on all of you. May the shits of 1000 children fall on your house :-)

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Matilah, my religion is not to believe what I write. Good enough for you? Or not to agree with what I say. Be questioning on what I write and say. I meant to be provocative, remember that.

agongkia said...

I am lazy to repeat what I had said in TRE on this topic.
What is so wrong for a 5 year boy to pangsai in public.
Sinkies are just too petty,bossy,calculative,kaypoh..They fail to remember that their parent could also have let them pangsai in public when they are kid.No big deal at all.

Anonymous said...

It is not wrong to answer nature's calls in the best way possible.
Taxi drivers are seen urinating into longkangs and bushes. And there are also casesof adults sshitting in their pants. What can they do when there are no toilets around?

Anonymous said...

wat the fuck daft complaining?

shit into toilet bowls .... end in sewerage system

shift into drains ... also end in the sewerage

papigs ... since thy the govt, recycle these shits n urine into newater for public consumption

wat the fucking difference?

but moi have no problems ... moi chiak siah tua ...

leemember ... vote papigs for more good years

huat ah .....

Anonymous said...

Singaporeans are too picky and touchy. Do not think you are superior than other nationality. 50 years ago you were nothing. PAP brought you our of your shit hole you called a country. So be thankful toward all the PRs, FTs and FWs who have come to make your country what it is today. Lets live in harmony and peace. Do not think that others from foreign land are less than you. Live and let live. Do not feel threatened and get off that high horse of yours and compete. If you cannot compete then you have yourself to blame because you are not good enough. So please be accommodating and stop this xenophobic behaviour.

Anonymous said...

The greatest contribution that aliens can make is to do NATIONAL SERVICE TO DEFEND AND PROTECT SIN.


Anonymous said...

PRC kid shit in drain Matilah so defensive. If it was Pinoy or Indian or Indon kid, he would write a different story. Bloody racist. Matilah did not have toilet when he was young. He shit in drains behind his kampong house. His family will dig a hole in the ground to shit among the bushes. But Matilah has to shit in the drains because even the earth won't accept Matilah's shit. That's why his mouth open come out shit. Heheheheheheh!