An Australian racist bastard revealing himself on national TV

He is not an ordinary Australian but a billionaire, a law maker. He is Clive Palmer, someone whom the Chinese is buying iron ore from but having a dispute over money issues. This is what this racist bastard said as reported by AGENCIES and reposted in the Today paper, ‘Clive Palmer had described the Beijing govt as “bastards” who shoot their own people and accused it of wanting to take over Australia’s resources.’ Later, after public rebukes from the govt, he amended what he said, ‘My #qanda comments not intended to refer to Chinese people but to (a) Chinese company which is taking Australian resources and not paying’.

Can you believe what this bastard said, that the Chinese company could take away Australian resources today without paying? The Australians or then British, took the whole continent of Australia from the natives a couple of centuries ago without paying. Did he remember that? His iron ore mine was probably taken away from the natives in the same manner or paying a pittance.

My goodness, how ignorant this bastard is. But that was the international law imposed on the rest of the world by the European colonialists. They came, they saw, they conquered and they took. Remember that, Clive? And did they shoot the aborigines before? Can Clive Palmer answer that?

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Veritas said...

There are more racist bastard across the causeway. Recently, Malaysian Malays are hatching a new project to conquer Singapore under the flag of Caliphate.

When that happen Singapore women will be made sex slave and men murdered. Unfortunately, too many Singaporeans are too timid, too coward, too self censored. That makes Islamofascist even more steam steam steam.

While just one or two Australian make racist slur, the entire Malaysian Malay are participating in building dhimitude, or 2nd class citizen for non Muslims. The entire Malaysian Malay feel they are entitled to shit on non Muslims, and if they do not do so, Allah will not be happy.

Malaysian Malay has graduated from shitting on non Muslims to shitting on their own shia, and are trying very hard to cultivate a victim mentality even though they are a bastard bully.

We need to speak the truth.

Today I really feel quite bad when I see people accusing Israel's self defence as aggression. The Sunni Hamas can fired 4000 rockets into Israel, provoke Israel to attack, sending their own Muslims into the sword of Israel and no Muslims, say Hamas is wrong.

Even many non Muslims say bad things about Israel.

We need to be pure in our heart, look at things impartially then we will know who is the most racist tribe.

Anonymous said...

Never trust the Aussies. Not one of them from top to bottom.

Rudd turned into a double headed snake against the Chinese at some point, when everyone thought otherwise. As for Abbot, he is doing the work of the devil himself.

Descendants of British convicts are the same kind of people that decimated the Red Indians. They are racist to the core.

Anonymous said...

Someone once said " They came to our continent and taught us to pray with our eyes closed. When we opened our eyes again all our land were taken from us ". Enough said.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Matilah, the expert in aboriginal affairs and his adopted home called Australia, what have you to say about this?

Veritas said...

They came to our continent and taught us to pray with our eyes closed. When we opened our eyes again all our land were taken from us

Is he referring to Singapore? Unfortunately the above statement is not applicable in the context of Singapore. Singapore was delivered to the British with the help of Malay traitors namely the Tememgong, not through prayers or eye close.

Singapore was bought by British with Malay's eye wide open and Tememgong cheering. Then the Tememgong was a lackey of Bendahara Sultanate. He help Tunku Hussein to usurp the throne, with the help of Raffles.

He is the biggest sinner of the entire Malay race, and his deeds help faciliate the anglo dutch treaty whose atrocious legacies lasted until today.

For some reasons, British later ditch Tunku Hussein in favor of Tememgong.

Tememgong house who is a Singapore citizens now FT sultan of Johor today.

Nevertheless, the clown of Tememgong sultante often put a show of patriotism and wayang wayang themselves as defender of Islam.

Unfortunately, allv Malay intellects fail to inform their tribe about this history, but rather a lot of Malay intellect in Malaysia focus themselves of creating and cooking up fake stories of Chinese to make everyone hate Chinese.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ redbean:

I am a freedom of speech guy. Although I dun agree with the fat ugly fuck Clive Palmer, I think he is important because he makes the state and federal governments SHIT. They cannot touch him because he is rich and he plays close to the rules.

Please lah, the Chinese are racist too. As are many Asian cultures. Yet we all get along fine. Racist speech is A-OK with me. Talk is always CHEAP --- no value type.

And lets face it: there is SOME TRUTH in Clive Palmer's angry rant.

Action, OTOH is what really counts. Now is Clive was killing Chinese because they were Chinese, that would be another matter entirely.

As it stands-- the man has a right to his opinion, even if it is racist or hate-filled.

People are going to say what they feel. And occasionally it is going to "offend".

So fucking what?

P.S. Palmer's wife is ASIAN. His kid is chap cheng.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...


You fuckers need to chill the fuck out. This is the age of the internet where EVERYONE has a voice, and there are NO RULES.

So if you have a comment to make about culture, ethnicity or race -- just let go lah, from your heart, with all your emotions -- be they love or hatred.

Life is way to short to get "offended" everytime someone says something you don't like.

Thank you, and fuck your mothers lah!

Anonymous said...

Leave this useless bum alone.
He is1 off the few useless bums.
I bel. he teamed outwith an Indian conglomerate to do mining in Queensland against Rina Reinhardt with her chinese mining group.
Not followed up ,who wonevenuattly as they need get approval fr Fed Govt.quite a bitter n long race.
I am Sporeans lives in Syd for last 24yrs .
They are all ok.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi Anon 11:51, welcome to the blog. Thank God you are in Sydney and don't have to bum into that MF bum in Perth.

What is the lawsuit about that he claimed the Chinese took the iron ore and did not pay? I don't believe him knowing the racist Australians would not even let the Chinese take an ounce of ore without paying and without screaming for blood.

b said...

RB, do you expect intelligence to come out from that piece of mouth? racists and discrimination are everywhere. learn to overcome is the way to win the discrimination game.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi b, Singaporeans are the most tolerant people. We have welcomed millions of people all over the world here, give them good jobs and a great life.

The best part is that we are being accused of being xenophobic by our very own kind. WTF.

Veritas said...

RB, do you expect intelligence to come out from that piece of mouth? racists and discrimination are everywhere. learn to overcome is the way to win the discrimination game.

Everyone is sinner, only God got no sin. So your mother and rapist is same moral value, same sin and same dirty.

Anonymous said...

tok tok tok onli

will u bear arms if a war begin?

me??? fuck lah, i promise i will bear arm, to rob ah long banks

leemember ... voting for papigs is the role of all

Anonymous said...

Everyone serves a purpose,
god serves none.

Anonymous said...

veritas is a man who dresses up as a woman. he imagines he is yingluck, dreams to be like her. good luck!