For those who have, more would be added to them

This is an ancient wisdom. It is like the rich will get richer. It must be their goodness, their good karma, to have more and more. Try applying this wisdom to the modern day society, it means that the rich will get more and more wealth. This is very similar to capitalism and the end result is a widening income gap.
This kind of wisdom, or shall I call it wisdom at all, is unsustainable and does not serve much purpose except to create a divide so wide that eventually will lead to the downfall of the rich. But that is another story.

Why would a country want to create a system where the rich are so rich, with money can’t finish spending, and still throwing money at them? And I am not referring to the rich making money in the private sector but public service, being paid by public fund. Many are so rich, they don’t need more money to make them richer as they have enough for generations to come, and the more money given to them could reach a point that it does not motivate them anymore, does not make them smarter or more productive. Some may even utter what is another $10m? They are so numb by the money they have.

The other issue is that the money must come from somewhere, or someone else could get a bit more but ended up getting less. It is a zero sum game. There is a budget or a pool of money and how this is distributed will affect everyone in the pool. If more money is loaded on the rich, the rest will simply get lesser. The question is what for?

Why pay an employee millions and millions when there is no need to, when he could live a very comfortable life with a couple of millions or a few hundred thousands? On the other hand why squeeze the poor or less rich to be poorer?

The rich shall have more added to them…living the biblical wisdom.

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Anonymous said...

Of course, it is gooooooooooooood to be rich.

However, to be debt-free or at least debt-low is second best.

So never follow the crowds and live within your means.

This is the only way to survive in this cruel world.

In this way, your family would be able to sleep peacefully at night.


Anonymous said...

But Kong Hee told his disciples the other way round. Throw him your wealth and you will be rewarded a 100 folds.

Anonymous said...

Rb // This kind of wisdom, or shall I call it wisdom at all, is unsustainable and does not serve much purpose except to create a divide so wide that eventually will lead to the downfall of the rich.//


When the divide widens, the GDP likely will spiral downwards if that is the intention to keep growing but having the opposite outcome!

It is simple economics. The MPC, marginal propensity to consume, is much lower in the rich than the poor.

Simple logic.

How many meals can a billionaire eat each day?

How many beds can he sleep on each night?

Ultimately, with the poor getting poorer, the aggregate private consumption will drop. Just go singstats.gov.sg and plot out the private consumption per capita vs the GDP per capita trend in the past few years. They are on diverging trajectory. If YEW plot using households items, FOOD etc, the DIVERGENCE is even more ALARMING in the past few years.

Rb, YEW are right.

If the masses get DECIMATED financially, it also means the end of the road for the rich and the society as well.

Anonymous said...

Franklin D. Roosevelt said:

"The test of our progress is not whether we add more to the abundance of those who have much. It is whether we provide enough for those who have little"

As I see it, what the Americans are doing is basically printing money for the big banks and stock market, benefitting the rich and wealthy even more, but not improving the lives of those at the bottom. That is why Missouri shooting is causing so much unrest.

Are we that different?

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

There is no such thing as "biblical wisdom".

All those ancient texts were bullshit when they were written, and today thousands of years later, they are still BULLSHIT.

However people (gullible automatons like redbean et al) just "believe" in bullshit, because "the older the bullshit, the more true it is", and it helps them assuage the bad luck and blown opportunities of their sad existences ;-)

We live in an age where a 16yr old can become a multi millionaire, where 20-somethings are billionaires.

Yes, there is a growing divide of wealth. But even the poorest people alive now, in a typical modern society, have MUCH BETTER LIVES than a king 300 years ago. There are also MORE OPPORTUNITIES (endless opportunities) for anyone to increase their wealth.

ANYBODY can add wealth to their net worth -- and millions of people do this EVERYDAY. It is not restricted to those who are rich.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Clap, clap, clap. You are so clever. Really.

Anonymous said...

I agree also. He is a clever fool.

Anonymous said...

Historically, when YEW have an ex-PM whose daughter herself is a quitter and talk cawk like he is the most righteous when arguably the downward spiral actually started with him and more importantly the already ocean-wide rich, poor gap widening like an unstoppable huge natural disaster, it is a matter of time for the ruler of the land whenever that may be to abdicate the throne and seek asylum somewhere.

Anonymous said...

Oh this guy again. Everyday he went smoking weeds then come acting and thinking he is the smart one and everyone is a fool.

Where are the IMH staff in charge of escapees?

b said...

Its not democracy or communism or capitalism that rule the world. The real ruler of the world is self interest since long time ago. Understanding that will help you to understand why the rich gets richer and poor gets poorer. It has nothing to do with God, gods, karma or whatever bullshits told by those religion books.

Anonymous said...

Greed knows no boundary.
No conscience knows no sin.
Money feeds ego.
Ego needs wealth to feed.
And Death levels All.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Great stuff, you children. You make a grave mistake by thinking that I think I'm "clever". I really don't. I do know many fucking scary-clever people though ;-) Many of them are Singaporean.

Anonymous said...

Matilar, if u are not dumb, don't waste time here. Go write your books to earn some money. Where is the books poster, he has been missing for a while