Citizenship to those who see Singapore as home

I read a post in the Today suggesting giving citizenship to immigrants who see Singapore as home written by a Maria Socorro and Tan Poh Chin. My immediate reaction is that there are at least 20m people out there wanting to make Singapore home and another 20m wanting to come here to make their piles. So, how to accommodate the demand?

Under the present policies, no problem. Out door is wide open and we are talking about 10m. Adding another 10m into the numbers is just arithmetic. And with a population of 20m, our economy will be 4 times the current size and everything will go up in value by 4 times.

The authors did qualify by what they meant of people who see Singapore as home. The condition is a 10 year residency in the island. I think this is a reasonable suggestion. It puts value to our citizenship. And those PRs who did not want their children to do NS should be immediately struck of the list. Otherwise every ‘prostitute’ could easily walk in to be a citizen. Maybe we like the company of prostitutes.

The authors also suggested for a regime of tests and interviews for the right to be a citizen. This sounds sensible as well. But what if all the talented immigrants said this is bad and threaten to go elsewhere how? I think this is a problem if the intent is to flood the island with 10m population. It will send fear to the policy makers. Think they will go down on their knees and beg the prostitutes not to go to other better places. There are just so many good places that the prostitutes would be welcomed and our little island would be last on their list. We better lay out the red carpet and grab anything that walks past our door, prostitutes, fakes or whatever, we need the numbers for economic growth.

So, no need to waste time talking about stringent conditions. Just like the MNCs, they will threaten to move out of the island. That is a frightening thought. The island will be empty without their presence as no one else would be interested to come. We are just a beggar and we have nothing to offer. Beggars cannot be choosers. Everything here is fake and not worth a cent. We should not think too highly of ourselves as a 1st World city. Even 3rd World prostitutes will despise us and threaten us.

What do you think? All the long queues at our door would disappear because we are choosy and not worthy of prostitutes?

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Anonymous said...

Those who truly want citizenship are not the problem. Ask for ten years and their sons to serve NS they still will do it. I met many such people. They like singapore and are willing to settle here.The increase in new citizens each year is not big anyway. Whats problematic is the FTs and large number of employment pass holders who got no intention to stay, but are here enjoying the benefits.

Anonymous said...

Rb // All the long queues at our door would disappear because we are choosy and not worthy of prostitutes? //

Rb, YEW are RIGHT?

YEW have read the RIGHT thing?

YEW have fall in line with YAKULT'S arbitrary and whimsical parameters on tge RIGHT THINGS?

YEW have arrived at RIGHT conclusions?

The prostitutes at KENG CHEO KAR, MANKA KAR AMD DESKER RD NEVER choose their clients lah!

Never choose also no Queue already.


Got money can liao $$$.

Revolving door ECONOMICS.

Can pump and pump and after that pay $2 can liao. Mass economics mah. No brainer business. Pimps and prostitutes strategy. Numbers game. Low value is the way to go. Forever got business. All human need to eat, shit and sleep and oh yes, pump and pump .......

Anonymous said...

this morning my coffeeball shows
that in year 2050.....

we will likely to become the
global and mega-cosmopolitan
city of the world......

citizens allowed to hold multiple

we will have 20M population, one
third travelling/working all over
the world for businesses......

people all over the world have to
Q up to stay here.....

we are the world......cheers....

Anonymous said...

It is not a matter of being choosy lah.

It is due to the fact that there are not even enough ordinary Sinkies, let alone talented ones, to grow the Sinkie economy.

So PAP govt has no choice but to import even ordinary foreign talents to make up for not having enough ordinary Sinkies lor.

Yes, the rationale why there are so many ordinary (or worse) foreign talents in Sinkieland is that simple.

But politically, it is not right for PAP govt to explain the fact in this way to Sinkies, tio bo?

Only commenters like me is free to do so, for the daft Sinkies who still cannot see it.

But luckily for PAP, 60% Sinkies understood. Hope RB and others can also understand.

Anonymous said...

Tiok. To grow the economy, Sinkieland needs a lot of ordinary or even lesser talents, not just super talents.

How can below replacement fertility rate Sinkies not realise this fact?

Anonymous said...

Kpkb..... for fuck sake?

Foreign talents r busy infesting pa residents committee as volunteer n conmitte management members

U fucking daft only gather here to masturbate

Papigs is correct... Fucking bums

Anonymous said...

9:59, What are you doing or what are you going to do about it?

Kaffein said...

I think the government should take a hard look at their policies and pump money and proper programs into making Singapore...

...liveable to the true blue Singgies.

Again I am NOT saying don't get FTs in. I am saying spend your money and effort where there is long-lasting value, rather than fill more water into a pail already filled with holes. Many of these FTs are just using Singapore as a launching pad to other countries and places.

Stopper up the gaps and plug the holes and the Singaporean population will grow naturally and healthily, without artificial insemination.

Oh for the matter, the government can start being HUMBLE in their willingness to work with the citizens, and admit to their 'screwed-up' policies.


oldhorse42 said...

There was a letter to st forum some months back asking what is the residential requirement to be PR. He mentioned that he observed his colleagues obtained their PRs with ease after just a short time here.
I was hoping the some ministry or important Govt dept would respond to the letter to clarify the issue.
No one did.

Anonymous said...

"He mentioned that he observed his colleagues obtained their PRs with ease after just a short time here."

Of course PRs are obtained with ease lah.

Or else how come so many PRs in Sinkieland? And why lump PRs with citizens under residents for employment rate statistics? To make the employment rate look better?

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

There are many peoples in Mexico, India, Bangladesh, war torn countries in Africa who will gladly join our SAF in return for citizenship, although they wont have the cash to help support real estate prices in particular those build by publicly listed companies. If you narrow the field to fit that criteria, it will only be China and India. Both countries are minting middleclass professionals anxious to escape pollution and live in a country with some semblance of law and order. Both countries will gladly send a million or two over. Of course, over time these new immigrants will learn not to shit in the streets. In the meantime just keep a shovel to help clean up :-)

Anonymous said...

In the 80s Spore population only half of what it is now yet enjoy much higher economic growth rate

Anonymous said...

soon they will all be running away to escape from the pollution here.

Anonymous said...

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