Japan’s White Lie

Today’s ST carried an article by Kwan Weng Kin and Hau Boon Lai with a title, ‘China’s move to set up defence zone profoundly dangerous: Japan’. The article dealt with an annual defence White Paper that was approved by the Japanese cabinet to criticize China’s Air Defence Identification Zone as profoundly dangerous. Such accusation is often accepted at face value by the innocent and unthinking masses who flipped through the pages within giving it a second thought. ADIZ China, dangerous. Japan said so.

What is an ADIZ? Simply it an airspace of a country for identifying aircraft flying into it to know if they are friendly or hostile. It is an identification zone for defensive purposes. Why is it dangerous? Why is it that the Japanese ADIZ is not dangerous? The ignoramous did not know that the Japanese have a similar ADIZ set up several decades ago and extended to the Chinese coast.

Again, why is it that the Japanese can set up an ADIZ and is not deemed dangerous but the Chinese ADIZ is dangerous? As mentioned earlier, an ADIZ is just an identification zone of a country, an airspace that hostile aircraft could fly in to attack the country. How can it be dangerous when it is defensive in nature, an identification zone?

According to the Japanese, it upsets the status quo. What is the status quo? The status quo is that the Japanese can have an ADIZ up to the Chinese coast and China did not have one. The status quo is that the Japanese can fly their fighter aircraft to intercept aircraft in the ADIZ but the Chinese cannot do so. The status quo said that the Japanese have full military control of the airspace adjoining the two countries up to the coast of China. Is this militarily acceptable, fair, equitable?

Why is it that the Japanese have the right to control part of the Chinese airspace and China cannot control its own air space and part of the overlapping airspace? Is the status quo reasonable? It is as good as your neighbor having the right to control and check on all visitors in your garden across the road but you cannot do that to his. And if you want a similar right, your neighbor is going to cry foul to the whole neighbourhood that you are dangerous.

Then look at what the Japanese have been doing that is not considered profoundly dangerous. The Japanese have reinterpreted their pacificist constitution so that they can now conduct wars and engage in wars not only in the defence of Japan but in other regions and countries, just like they did before in WW2. Is this not profoundly dangerous? The Americans are pretending they did not know.

The Japanese are now saying that they are free to conduct wars like their defeated Empire, and if they are like their barbaric forefathers, would commit the same kind of atrocities overseas. Is this not dangerous, not profoundly dangerous? How does this compare to China’s ADIZ, an identification zone to check and identify unknown aircraft flying into the country?

The Japanese White Paper is synonymous to a Japanese White Lie. China’s defensive act to protect its territory is claimed to be profoundly dangerous, but an act to commit wars overseas is not profoundly dangerous? And with their historical records and propensities to conduct wars of aggression, they got the cheek to call China’s ADIZ dangerous when all China did was to protect itself against possible Japanese military aggression.

How many fools swallowed the Japanese White Lie totally, hook, line and sinkers?

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Anonymous said...

Japan knows that with US backing they are able to flex their muscle and shake their fists. It is in the interest of USA that there is someone in the region to antagonise China. With the US Naval base in Japan, the Japanese government thinks that they have the right to stir up tension in South-East Asia. IF left unchecked they might soon think that they have to right to become a super power in the region and worse come to worse they could behave the way they did during WW2. Germany apologised for their WW2 atrocities but the Japanese are still too proud to do so. Hope we do not see another Japanese aggression in the region in the near future.

Anonymous said...

Japanese is a bullshit society. They lie to everything. If they lost their jobs, they will lie by dressing up in the morning and stay in the park until sundown. If they have no money, they rather commit suicide rather than let their relatives know, not that they will help either. It is a society that do not care for individual. Friends and relatives will disown you the moment you become a burden. Salvage, dumb and stuborn. That's what they are.

Anonymous said...

Japan is coming out of recession of 2o+ years. Now with new found wealth they think that it is time for them to show their dominance in the region. The US is the big brother and it is to the USA's benefit that Japan chiochiok China a little. USA needs a puppet state in the region to counter China's growth in military strength. The US naval base in Japan is there to make sure China is kept in check and the best dog on the leash to do that is Japan.

Anonymous said...

Japs would always be japs. Whenever they have the means and political will to re-militarize, they would eye Chinese and Korean territory, just read how many times they attacked Korean peninsula in history ?

Only that now it is allied and aligned with the very powerful american/australia military

Anonymous said...

The establishment of ADIZ to plant legitimacy in future claims, many countries are contesting those island chain for the oil and gas underneath it and expansion on territory sea. No Singaporean needs to care unless Malaysia tries to claim pulau ubin from us.

Anonymous said...

US is moving more strategic bombers with nuclear warheads to Guam. US is doing all it can be the dominant power in this region.

Isnt this threatening to the people in Asia?

By deploying alot more b-2 stealth bombers and advanced strategic bombers b-52H to Guam it would embolden Japan to be more aggressive its stance to its neighbours, acting like Israel land grab and Palestine/gaza massacre every few year, with US in a chinese expression 'closed one eye '

Anonymous said...

Russia, the two Koreas and China should form a military alliance to contain Japan. All these parties were victims of Japanese aggression.

Anonymous said...

It's the economy. Stupid!

Anonymous said...

Japan is overrated lah probably in Spore pro-japan media. Jepunkia handphones, led tvs and other consumer goods are losing out to their neighbours fierce competition.
post war japan was copying like siao everything from Europe genuine designs and inventions,many innovative products and technology, many from Germany which produced better quality stuff, like its Leica camera, Heidelberg printer, Grundig Tv, cars etc

The said...

What white lie? It is a blatant despicable and mischievous lie.

Anonymous said...

Ya lor, you build a fence around your house to guard against intruders and you are called dangerous. You join a gang to beat up people and you say that is good, for peace.

Anonymous said...

The Japs are sunk, hook, line and sinker. They have to create another war, like the US, to rebuild and maybe hope for a resurrection. This is the only way out for them, unlike the EU that is on 'intensive care' live support and yet trying to act tough with sanctions against Russia. Japan cannot afford sanctions against China. It is like cutting the nose to spite the face.

Anonymous said...

The Russians just can't be bothered about Japs adiz. Jepun also can't do much when Russians military plane so often fly so close around the whole of Japan, why pap-media reporter don't know meh, why not blow up Russian threat ??

maybe pap controlled ST just dare not speak ill about Russia ?

well Russian 吃定 Jepunkia

Anonymous said...

Today Singaporeans can work for the Japanese to screw China in different ways.

Anonymous said...

How to teach people, or program people to think that building an ADIZ or fence around your country/house is profoundly dangerous?

Easy, when the believers are plain stupid, unthinking, like a computer chip ready to be programmed to do whatever you want it to do, not think.