Second Singapore story

The Regimental Sergeant shouted at the soldiers to form up at the parade square to cite the national pledge. He explained to them that they must clench their right fist and put it on the chest where the heart is before making the pledge.

At his command all the soldiers raised their right hand and promptly put their fists over their hearts. Then they shouted in one voice, ‘We the citizens of…..’ only to be interrupted by the RSM’s shout of ‘samulah’. Hope I get this Malay command right.

On hearing the RSM’s command the soldiers freezed and stopped the citing the pledge immediately. The RSM screamed at one of the soldiers. ‘You Sir, why is your hand not over your heart?’

Apparently the soldier had place his fist way below where his heart was.

‘Is that where your heart is?’ The RSM growled.

‘No Sir. That is my liver Sir. I have no heart Sir.’ The soldier replied.

Kopi Level - Yellow


Virgo49 said...

Wa Mr RB, where to find such a polite and nice see RSM???

Must be the fourth generation SAF!

Calling a soldier "SIR"

We heard only the RSM barked:-

Ni Lau Bo, ho see mm see puah siew kia!!!

Bo tua bo soow! This is my turf, do not fkuck around with me.

Which camp?? can recommend new recruits to apply there.


FL said...

I refer to "Calling a soldier SIR". At the parade square, do you know that RSM is the king ?! There are soldiers, CPL, Sgt, Officers from CO down to junior officers (1 or 2 pips). He could be calling the junior officers. In my years of NS (1970-2), junior officers were given punishments by RSM (aka Inchek)on discipline matters. When I was in SAFTI then, corporals (our trainers), we had to address them as "Sir". Hope above clarifies. Correct me if I am wrong, anyone ? Thanks.

Anonymous said...

‘You Sir, why is your hand not over your heart?’

That shows RB did not serve NS. Tio bo, RB?

At his age, RB should be in the first or 2nd batch of NS enlistees in 1967 or 1968, if he did served.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

You see guys, I was not SAFTI trained. I was trained by the RAF in UK. Yes, the RSM addressed us as SIR in the parade square while doing our drill. I remembered this quite clearly. ' You Sir, if you don't do well Mr Lee would be very unhappy with you!'

That was 40 years ago.

agongkia said...

Uncle,SAF now very soft leow.Standard all drop.Not during your time or your junior's time where one can suka suka duck a SUS into the pond and botaichee like that then Staff Seet at KDB.
That story still in mind my mind,I read in the paper when I was a boy.
Just read somewhere about your vocation .We have something in common.

agongkia said...

Uncle ,40 years ago you still suakoo
and dun understand their slang English well enough.
What he shouted is"You Shit"Not you Sir"
Every words that come out from the angmo ,appear to be good words to you.

Anonymous said...

RBI...U should publish a book on polite jokes on singapore and her politicians.....

Sure can sell.......


Anonymous said...

Wat language he used?

National language or england

For more good years... Remember,

Only vote 4 papigs

Anonymous said...

The Soldier must be an NS Boy.


My salute Sir.


Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

The correct hand placement during the reciting of the Singapore Pledge is shown here.

If the RSM kwai lan with you, just wait for him outside camp with a few friends and knock his fucking teeth out so that when he smiles it is "one blank file" .

Occasionally it is good to hammer a senior officer or an Inchek...especially when they action borak because of rank.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

So good, with blessing from papigs

Import from japenis land will hopefully alter the DNA of daft, hopefully their descendants will have a third eye on there forehead n power of ultraman or watani

Even the look of the mutant turtles also good

So vote for papigs...

Neber vote 4 alternative like workers party.... their honcho look religiously skewed leh

Anonymous said...

A simile of what we have become, putting our hands away from our hearts when policies are set, hitting with a hard of law suits, I would applaud you but its hard to raise your hands anymore as we cannot stop working to stay in the richest land with the most expensive things.