Gaza Massacre – All quiet on the Western Front

When China sneezes or stretches its arms or legs, the whole western media would be up in arms lashing at China for being assertive, being aggressive and all the jazz. The tirades of vindictive news and so called analyses would flood the front pages of western media, filled with hatred, contempt and vehemence and sting. All China did was to trade, to protect their territories against pesky little countries who came around scratching. And no one was killed or even wounded. But in Washington, the crazy trigger happy cowboys would be asking for blood, for sanctions or military intervention. Many Arab and Middle Eastern countries were victims of such western hatred against Asians and Africans. At the slightest excuse they would bomb them out of existence.

The Gaza Massacre has been going on for weeks, and the death toll has passed 1,000 and increasing daily and rapidly. Where are the bleeding heart western journalists and media and their cries to protect the weak, the innocent, the old and the young? Silence, total silence.

Israel can go on killing the Palestinians, but the western journalists and media will be very quiet. They just dunno what to say? So would the crazy cowboys in Washington. Killing the Arabs is normal. Israel is friend.
Where are the tough talks of sanctions, sailing the 6th Fleet into the Mediterranean as a show of force to stop the Israelis from massacring the Palestinians? Fat hope. They are in it together. The great White God would not move a finger to save or protect the coloured people. Let the killing continues.

God bless.

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Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

>> Israel can go on killing the Palestinians,

I think Israel has been showing too much restraint. This is why the shit has drawn on so long.

If after the first few Hamas s rocket attacks Israel went hard -- harder than it has -- then the whole thing would have been over already.


Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

The Americans thought they could do as you said in Vietnam. Just keep pounding on the VCs and powdered them with Agent Orange. They believed in their fire power and did that for 30 years only to flee Vietnam in disgrace.

For every one Palestinians that the Israelis killed, another 100 will be born. Unless the Israelis nuke them or use WMD on them for a total wipe out.

The Americans learnt that fire power cannot defeat the will of the people, no matter how weak they are, or how poor they are.

Anonymous said...

when will Adolf Hitler be reincarnated??

to get rid of these evil jews?

Anonymous said...

The Vietnamese suffered terribly for decades. I grew up during the Vietnam war. The Americans were and still are a very heartless and cruel people. What they did in Vietnam was as bad as what the Japanese did in China.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ RB:

Vietnam: America's foreign war. Total waste. Vietcong no direct threat to peaceful US citizen on mainland. Ask Mohammed Ali...he lost his title and went to jail over the exact same argument.

Gaza: Contained within Israel territory, launch point for rockets into Israel. Direct threat to Israeli residents.

Palestinians voted for Hamas. As I've said time and again:

The people get the govt they deserve.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

And BTW, why do you think western press is so silent?

They fear for their lives. In typical Islamo-facist fashion, use VIOLENCE or the threat of violence to SILENCE DISSENT andTRUTH.


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

The Palestinians must be cursing themselves for being born Palestinians, children of lesser God.

Anonymous said...

Why other Arab nations not helping them Only Chui Kong LP Song. Give them land and give them food & shelter. But no, they want to make Palestinian as pawn. Use the pawn to disturb the West.

Anonymous said...


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Anonymous said...

The US leadership in under question in the middle east region. US embroiled with Russia, it is now busy cozying to the Indians, wanting military to military co-operation everywhere.

US like only a few other countries in the UN, voted AGAINST the observer State of Palestine.

The said...

/// The Gaza Massacre has been going on for weeks, and the death toll has passed 1,000 and increasing daily and rapidly. ///

Where have you been hiding, redbean?

The killings have been going on for weeks, months, years and decades in modern time.

The killings have been going for millenniums since biblical time.

The said...

Hamas founder's son is against Hamas and for Israel.



Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Ah yes, the killings have been on for a long time. I am just referring to the new killings after the 2/3 boys were killed.

Anonymous said...

Cease fire ! Cease fire!
Re-loading Israel lethal weapons, bombs, shells from American arsenal liao.

US calls for cease fire and supply more weapons. Steady ponpeepee.

Israel running low on ammunitions only after 25 days against a much inferior enemy in tech term. Gaza is only half the size of Spore.

Gaza must de-militarize woh if Gaza siege to be lifted by the Israelis, the master in that region. They call the shots lah. They control the air, the sea, the land, everything.

Palestinians just behave kuai kuai sing Israeli anthem, they happy open border let you buy KFC chicken from Eqygt side.

The Israel survival is paramount , self-defence is inviolable, comes at all costs, nothing cannot be bombed so Palestinians stop dreaming about independence, Statehood and citizenship.

Anonymous said...

Bloodshed, carnage in Gaza now

Anonymous said...

Americans crying crocodile tears. Western countries looking the other side, see nothing,hear nothing and say nothing.

Anonymous said...

This documentary by Australian Broadcasting Corporation was aired in Australia earlier this year. It's about the abduction and torture of Palestinian children by the IDF and the Jewish settlers in the West Bank. Viewer discretion is advised. I stopped watching when I saw the IDF purposely fire tear gas at Palestinian kids who go to school in the morning just to discourage them from going to school. But the children still go. It is very cruel. But the great good democratic west, especially the US, keep silent.

Anonymous said...

The Americans are only interested in their own interests. Very sad. The killings of Palestinians are all about humanity, the right of every human specie to live, not to be killed by another specie.

Where are you, Americans and Europeans!