why is life expectancy higher for singaporeans?

Very simple. Singaporeans are very rich. All of them will retire will hundreds of thousands in their CPF, and also some properties. So when they reach a point in life when they can no longer see, can't hear, can't walk, can't move, can't think,can't eat, can't desire, can't do anything, they still can't die. Singaporeans can't die! For they can still afford to be hooked up to a machine and live for as long as there is money to pay the medical bill to keep them alive. What a beautiful life.


Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

That's right. The wealthier the society the tendency to have longer life-spans.

Here is a video (fantastic graphics!) showing how child mortality decreases as the wealth in a country increases because of economic progress, and how the market economy "equalises" economic inequalities.

How vital is economic progress?

Simple, without it we all wouldn't be here with so much "free time" to post our opinion on the net—we'd be too busy fighting to stay ALIVE!

> What a beautiful life. <

Damn right. Don't knock it. At the very least show some gratitude.

Anonymous said...

Here is the video: