signs of decline

After the whacking by our neighbours, now Changi lost to KLIA in the Best Airports in the World Ranking. And KLIA started with so many problems. Now who is laughing? Well done Boleh Land!


Anonymous said...

Singapore's Changi airport didn't "lose" lah.

It came in second.

You are a true journalist lah—sensationalise, sensationalise, seansationalise...

Changi is still a wonderful airport. I feel a very warm welcome everytime I get off the plane to this super-duper gateway of Hotel Singapore.

Keep it up Changi: "success" in an on-going thing. Don't let the idiots and ball-lickers from the media make you feel bad. Even though you came 2nd in some fatuous arbitrary ranking, you are doing great IMO.

Thank you Changi. You make this "state-less foreigner" feel like he's coming home—each and every time.

First class job!

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

i have not used klia and cannot comment. but being singaporean, i am biased. all singaporeans and ex singaporeans will have that familiar feeling when landing at changi. it is home.

unconsciously this add to the pleasantness that changi brings along.

matilah, no matter where you are, there is a singaporean inside you.