nkf story - of style and glamour

Move aside Caldecott Hill, you no longer have the honour for having the most well dressed and glamorous personalities in this island. The honour is now given to the old NKF. Other than the handsome and charismatic Durai and the meticulously well dressed Richard Yong, now appearing on stage or at Havelock Road magistrate is the cool and fashionable David Tan. Anyone at 62 will be green with envy to be able to look so good and so flamboyant, and so happy. And they danced away in Durai's office when he clinched a donation of $5 million for the NKF. They were jubilant and exhilarating for landing such a huge sum of money for the charity. And David was not even a member of NKF Board. But his joy for doing such a great deed for the needy NKF patients is something that every caring Singaporeans can share. Not sure if they pop a few bottles of champagne and a party after achieving such a big success, but for sure, David's effort was not forgotten.

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