nkf story - chapter 3

Chapter Three The criminal trial has started. And Durai is facing two charges which he pleaded not guilty. The charges are 'using false documents with the intention of deceiving the NKF into paying out $25,000-$20,000....' Are these all the charges that he is going to face?


Anonymous said...

Let the bugger go. His life is already ruined. I doubt if he'll ever recover his reputation.

One ugly aspect of S'pore justice is that there is very little of it and lots of "let's make an example of this guy".

That ain't justice.

Anonymous said...

ya lah, just give him a little slap on his wrist and tell him he has been a naughty boy. afterall as the chinse say, he has very high hills behind him.

but just for show he must appear to have been punished. got to put up a show mah. otherwise singaporeans will not be satisfied.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

nothing personal against durai. this issue is just newsworthy.