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6.5 million people is a big squeeze Far from it. If we plan properly, build upwards and downwards and using the best technology, Singapore can easily take in 30 million. Just build the whole island like the Tower of Babel. Use steel and glass. Yes a lot of glass, like a glass tower towards the heaven. We will be the most futuristic city, fully airconditioned, and several layers over layers. Bukit Timah will become a mole hill when all the surrounding buildings are 3 or 5 times taller. And we can connect everywhere, at different levels, with travellators. No need cars and no need petrol. With the whole Tower of Babel adapted to become a solar cell, we can maximise the use of clean solar energy. That will be the future of Singapore. A glass city of the future, built by the best minds money can buy.


Anonymous said...

Can you attract that much more investments to create the much needed jobs to sustain the huge population?

Anonymous said...

to anon: jobs and the level of economic activity are determined by market demand. It is important to distinguish between a demand economy and a command economy.

A demand economy is created when producers rise to the challenge of satisfying cutomer's needs, wants and desires (which are infinite—which means that there will ALWAYS be opportunities to MAKE MONEY). The state—i.e. the foremost AUTHORITY in a given territory is responsible for the command economy.

In the demand economy, relationships and associations are VOLUNTARY, in the command economy you are to COMPLY with the state under the threat of arrest, prosecution and punishment.

S'pore like all modern nation-states have a mixed economy—having elements of demand AND command economy. For e.g. you must "buy" the govt's judicial services for justice—you cannot go to PRIVATE courts because they are illegal.

To the extent that the command economy doesn't take too many resources away from the demand economy; nor does it interfere too much with what consumers are allowed to experience and own, you have a (relatively) FREE MARKET.

Given the level of WEALTH already in Singapore, and the fact that the economy is very healthy—if we project from this it could be possible to sustain 6.5 million with a high standard of living. It is pointless to have 6.5 million when there is little opportunity for wealth creation and "happiness" maximisation.

Ask yourself—where will the domestic DEMAND come from? 6.5 million people—all mostly wealthy and productive—will have HIGH DEMAND for services like food distribution and presentation, utilities, transport entertainment and leisure. Energy demands will be high too, as well as waste disposal.

Someone will have to do all this work. Also with 6.5 million, can you imagine the INFRASTRUCTURE required to sustain life? Someone has to build it and someone has to LOOK AFTER it—failure is simply not an option.

The infrastructure, because of its heavy use, will have to be upgraded frequently. This requires productive work. To the extent that S'pore remains a regional and international "hub", there will be a lot of traffic of humans, goods and services in and out of the territory. Again, someone has to do work to ensure that these things run efficiently.

What can go wrong:

1 Natural disasters. Singapore has been rocked by earth tremors. The super-skyscrapers will have to be designed properly.

2 The risk of epidemic. In a densely populated society virulent diseases are a big threat.

3 Terrorist activity

4 TOO MUCH government control. With 6.5 million FREE WILLED humans, there is going to definitely be a required ART to managing the country. The way it stands, I don't think the PAP is capable of doing this BUT, as the society evolves, they have the choice to evolve too. Will they do it? No one can say.

If the command economy (govt interference) sucks too many resources from the demand-driven economy (i.e. the free market), then S'pore will become UNCOMPETITIVE and eventually fail economically.

My current stance: I have resigned myself to the fact that this has a possiblity of happening—and moved past the "good vs bad" argument—which (unfortunately) redbean is still engaged in. No matter, everyone comes to a judgement in their own time.

I have already sent out communiques indicating my interest in doing business with the folks at the IR (for my services), and have plans to do the same at the Sentosa IR, as well as key infrastructure firms.

There is money to be made, IMO and fun times to be had.

IMO I would simply say to people: seize the day. Fact is, if you moan and groan about it, if or when the population hits 6.5 mill, you'll have wasted the opportunity of "advance warning" to prepare yourself be be in the position.

Moaning and groaning like a girly cry-baby never solved any problem. Worse still, it'll blind you to opportunities which could benefit you and your family.

6.5 million? Bring it on lah!

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

i actually have two concern. the first is whether our island will still be floating.

the other is the risk of a birdflu like epidemic and we wipe ourselves out of existence in one week.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

as for generating enough economic activities to sustain a 6.5 million population, god willing, everything will be fine.

did i say fine?

Anonymous said...

> whether our island will still be floating. <

Interesting point. 6.5 million plus the infrastructure would be very heavy indeed. An earth tremor could be quite dangerous.

> the risk of a birdflu like epidemic <

The risk is always there. 2 million, 4 million 6.5 million... all can be wiped out.

However I doubt it will reach "epidemic" proportions. The system will really have to COCK UP badly for that to happen. I can't see that happening. It's not a "new" threat.

Avian flu is being monitored 24/7/365 and there are plans for containment.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

you know how pack is our train? one guy is enough to spread to the whole train and than the multiplier effect kicks off.

and in the office and shopping centres, the central aircon system will generously spread the germs to everyone.

both are like death traps.

Anonymous said...

Aiyah, don't panic lah. You obviously don't understand the nature of how an infection spreads.

Even if he got onto a packed train, not everyone will be infected. Even with those who are exposed to the infection, not all will get sick, and therefore not everyone will die.