payrise need more convincing?

The other day I saw Lim Swee Say in the news trying his very best to explain why pay rise for ministers is important and necessary. Somehow it just did not come through as convincing. You can see the doubt in the faces of the listeners. Is it because he did not explain it well enough or the issue is simply too difficult for the people to accept? Or is it that the people just cannot accept it? Whatever, the increase will be a reality comes 9 April. The govt has explained and that is what it is going to do. And it is done for the good of the people and country. Can't imagine the consequences if all the ministers quits to join the private sector for more pay. Things can be worst if the payrise is not implemented.


Anonymous said...

Since they want a pay raise, it's time to scrap their pensions.

Anonymous said...

What is there to explain?

If the majority of people accept the PREMISE that public sector pay scales need to "compete" with the private sector, then the people deserve to get hammered by the government they've democratically chosen.

The people are so caught up in their negative emotions that they can't reason anymore.

There lacks a cold, hard rational explanation as to WHY is is bad to do this and HOW the (underlying) financial structure of the country is adversely affected.

I could do one, just for the exercise... but no time this week.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

got to be careful or the arabs will offer them $5 million each to work in the middle east. then singapore will be in trouble.

the smart arabs know where to talent hunt. the talents are in singapore, not in europe or america.

Anonymous said...

What makes them think that the real talents only come from Singapore?

Anonymous said...

(agreeing with anonymous)

redbean— employers offer money to anyone who can get the job done. The idea is to complete the "job"—whatever it is, get paid, and go home.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

head i win tail you lose.

that is the world best deal.