over supply of HDB flats good

Over supply of HDB flats is a good thing The building of HDB flats should be treated slightly different from commercial properties. The original objective to provide a roof over the head for all citizens is still relevant today. Too much speculation in these flats, if it leads to everyone making money will be the best. But when wild speculations lead to people losing their homes, then it can become a negative event. The appreciation of flat value should be allowed to take place gradually and not be left to the mercy of speculators. And building flats, and with some excess capacity for those needing one, should be the main objective of HDB. Not too obsessed with profits as the reason to build. People who really need a place to live and are not fuzzy about location will then be able to get a HDB flat without having to pay a ransom. Those in choice areas will fetch better value depending on market demand. Of course the over supply should not be over excessive to cost a big overhang and tying down too much capital. Let there always be flats available to the people without having to push the price beyond their means.

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Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Who do you think FUNDS this "excess capacity"?

It is the private property of The PEOPLE — forcibly taken by The State, and given to the contractors and builders, so that the state-agency known as HDB becomes part of the political "stick-and-carrot" SCAM, used to bludgeon The People into voting for the incumbent (whoever that might be—presently it is the PAP)

This whole SCAM smells like a cartel in a feudal system.