our vessels still in indon hands

Britain is putting all diplomatic pressures to secure the release of the 15 marines arrested by Iran. And if these fail, the next phase could be war. We have our vessels arrested by the Indonesians, which is supposed to be our friend, and a neighbour with close relations with us. It is appropriate that we try all diplomatic means to secure their release. So far nothing works. Next could be to table it at ASEAN meetings or later at the UN. If all else fails, what cards are there left for us to play? Should we let the Indonesians arrest our vessels illegally or under false pretence and let it be, be compliant? The Indonesians claimed that investigation is still going on. What kind of bull is that? If it is smuggling, it is smuggling. If there are sand there are sand. It does not take more than two days to find out these facts. Or are they trying to cook up something to justify their illegal acts? With the vessels in their control, and with so much time, they can do anything they want to them and present whatever evidence they want. Who is there to stop them from fabricating evidence?


Anonymous said...

Well, nothing can be done. Just have to wait for the Indons to settle down and decide.

Remember that about 1/3 of S'pore wealthy are Indons, hey, some of them might even have financial interests in the sand and granite
business, which of course will piss off the Indon govt.

Solution: bribe the buggers more. They are obviously "insulted" because they are not getting their "fair share".

We should turn to our wealthy Indon residents for help. They use S'pore's banking facilities to look after their dough, and benefit from the fact that there is no extradition treaty between S'pore and Indonesia.

These folks benefited enormously from Indonesia's corrupt systems, and the fact that the S'pore govt "looked the other way" and S'pore banks welcomed them with open legs... I mean arms.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

corruption is like clapping. it needs two hands to clap. when one hand is corrupt, the other hand is equally corrupt.

corruption is in the asian blood. sure many would not agree with me. i also.