nkf story - just a thought

Just a thought If the court finds Durai innocent of all the charges, or the one charge that they can frame against him, then rightfully Durai should be reinstated as the CEO of NKF to continue his good work. He could even counter claim for wrongful dismissal and loss of salary and claim compensation for the sufferings he went through, including tarnishing his reputation. Actually the one and only charge of a $20k payment speaks for itself, that there is nothing criminal in what Durai had done. After spending so many hours of expensive investigation time, this is the only thing that came near to a crime and still got thrown out by the court. We shall be proud of the transparency of our legal system and how the rule of law is upheld in our country.

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Anonymous said...

Maybe Durai should sue the New NKF for SGD 20 million and we can have a replay of the whole saga.