a major test on our resolve and leadership

Our shipping vessels being arrested while plying the trade route doing legitimate businesses. Our assets being confiscated by drummed up fictitious charges. How would LKY have reacted when confronted with such issues? How are our leaders handling them? These are major crises. Would we come out of these tricky situations as a respectable nation or would we be forever thumbed down by bigger countries? How the present leadership handle these two crises will be an indicator of where we are heading.


Anonymous said...

You know why our leaders have not done anything ? They can't do anything because they've been caught with their pants down while they're shitting in the toilet, that's why. In the Shin Corp case, they were guilty of using Kularb Kaew as a nominee company of TH to circumvent foreign ownership restrictions. In Indonesia, they didn't do anything because they know Indonesia has the right to detain any vessels within their territorial waters. If you are spoiling for a fight, it is not going to happen. Eat your heart out Redbean.

Anonymous said...

That's right. The State has no place in private commerce. This is the consequence—the outrage and anger of the people—for one corrupt state meddling in the private business of people living in another corrupt state.

We're talking gang-warfare here!

Bring it on lah! I want to see some action! I'm craving for ENTERTAINMENT!

Anonymous said...

Even if they resolve this one, another hole would just be dug.
Never mind.
Nobody would care before Singapore sinks enough beyond hope.
MM said Singapore is too fragile to have lousy leaders... I wonder how much he himself really thinks of what he said. :)
And Indonesia would just be a small problem... compare to China after the Casinos are built.
How's Geoge Yeo going to handle all these?
The world of politics will signal the end of technocrats...
By then, where would political talents be found?

It's probably over. Even if they release the cargoes, the overdue charges and delays would have cost too much... by law.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

we are seeing a lot of diplomacy at works. at the end of the day the vessels must be returned to singapore. if not, what next?

say the indonesians refuse to release the vessels or demand a ransom, then what?

fight or flight?

Anonymous said...

Wait until company ends up in red... then return lah~