quality does not come cheap

Letter from Lee kiao Hoong in Today paper '....My wife gave birth to twins at the SGH recently. They were born premature - at six months gestation - and thus admitted to the NICU. After a two and a half month stay in a B2 ward, the hospital bill for my elder daughter came up to a whopping $29,000, after government subsidies. As a result, the Medisave accounts that both my wife and I had built up over 10 years were wiped out overnight.... I also hope this serves as a reminder to couples who are planning to have a baby. The simple act of having your very own child could possibly turn out to be one huge financial nightmare.' World class facilities matched with world class bills. That must be expected. Nothing is for free. There is a price to everything.


Anonymous said...

Aha! The "crutch mentality" our ministers have been referring to manifests itself!

Two and a half months for 29k?

Hey man, that's cheap!

Anyway, these moaning cheap-skate whingers who don't have private medical insurance are dumb wankers and deserve the lesson they teach themselves.

Oh yah, if you're planning to have kids and raise a family, make sure you can AFFORD IT. Otherwise the govt will tax me and I end up paying for you.

If you consider a family a "value" to you, then you, not me, should pay for it.

Anonymous said...

matilah, you do not pay tax anyway, so what are you talking about?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

hi anonymous,

matilah and me used to dig at each other. but just enjoy the digging and regard each other as a friend that have different ideas or ways of looking at things. that makes life more interesting.

what makes a story interesting or a blog interesting is the characters and the unusual views.


Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

To my dear fan, anonymous:

You ought to get your facts right about me, if my life so interests you that much.

When you do get your facts straight about me, you win my favour, and when the time comes for me to commission a biographer to write about my life, you could be in the running.

So it would be wise for you to pay attention, and deal with the limitations of your two-bit State education, perhaps improve yourself. ;-)

I used to not pay any tax for the simple reason that I emigrated many years ago.

Now I pay taxes, like everyone else—at least when they are in the territory, i.e. no one escapes the GST—not even an unemployed beach bum like my good self.

However, when I am working, and taking money off S'poreans who don't have my skill-set, I pay corporate and income taxes, which I would hazard to guess would be more than what you'd probably earn in a year.

All taxes are bad, but I do not, and never will I advocate EVADING taxes—simply because The State is never forgiving to those who don't pay up. Think of it as EXTORTION, but pay the assholes nonetheless. i.e. when an armed thug threatens you for "protection money", just pay him. Never resist—you can always earn more money, but you only have one life.

I have a wide latitude of tolerance for most things, but the one thing which pisses me off is motherfuckers who complain incessantly that they don't have enough money, and expect the govt to "fund their lifestyle", by robbing productive people.

All that energy and time spent on their "beggar attitude" could have been better focused on improving their skill-sets, and developing their minds.

There is no lack of opportunity in S'pore.

You don't even have to accept the fucked-up State education system because there are many other opportunities to better yourself through a huge choice of other options as many of the world's finest institutions are represented in S'pore.

Better still, the State doesn't even trust its own education system—it offers scholarships for diligent individuals to study at some of the finest institutions in the world.

Simply put: if you can't get it together in S'pore, where the fuck do you think you can go to get your shit together?

Singapore is one of the few places in the world where you can start work after tertiary education (say 25 yrs old for males) and be a millionaire by age 40—if you have a plan and are not stupid with your dough.

Anonymous said...

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