NKF trial a shining light for Singapore

NKF trial a shining light for Singapore Singapore is a police state that used draconian methods of interrogation to extract confessions from offenders. This has been the impression published in most unfriendly media on Singapore. But when one listens to the cross examination of Sant Singh on Osman Ahamed, the chief special investigator with the CPIB, it is very clear that the police will have to abide by certain standard of decency. And a person under police custody has all the rights including an interrogation room that must be at least the size of a hotel room, to make him comfortable and not feel coerced. Definitely not the Guantanamo type of standard and practices. According to Sant Singh, David Tan was interrogated in a very small room, about 4m by 4m, there about. And the light was kept on at all times to add to the pressure to "induce" him to give testimony for the prosecution, including being detained overnight in a 2.1m by 2.4 metre room. By virtue of the fact that these are grounds of complains to coerce a person, under police custody, speaks very well of Singapore. Perhaps if the govt can be more generous and build bigger and more comfortable interrogation rooms with cushion sofas, and rooms to hold suspects or possible offenders over night, then it will be just perfect. And no bright lights please. Too glaring on the eyes and intruding into a person's privacy. Provided the taxpayers did not complain about extravagance on the govt's part to provide luxury for possible offenders or violators or the law.

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