between hell and paradise

Between Hell and Paradise Paradise is where everyone desires to be. It has the best of everything, world best! But paradise is only for the select few, the chosen few. Not many people can afford paradise. Many people will be in 'hell' in a way, the living hell. It is admirable for the govt of the day to want to build a paradise on earth, world best in everything. But can we afford it? How many can afford it? It is like the debate between Wei Ling and Philip. Philip operates on a huge budget and casts his net very wide. Wei Ling is talking about making choices with our limited resources. We need to be selective and spend cautiously. We want world best facilities in everything. Yes we must have them. But no, we cannot have all of them. Segmentation and allocation of our resources must take into account the reality. The 'we' is a very loose group of people stretching from the penniless to the super rich, including foreigners that we want them to be here to pay for world class facilities. National resources must be allocated to build or develop facilities according to the needs of the different segments of our society defined by financial affordability. We have to cater to the needs of all levels and our resources must be allocated proportionally. Ask anyone if they want world best facilities and I bet the answer is yes. But ask them to pay for it and the answer will be no. The govt will continuously be running on an ever expanding budget if it keeps on telling the people that it is striving to provide them with everything that is world best. And the govt will be perpetually coming back to demand more money from the people for their world best ideas. Why not just try to make 'hell' more liveable instead of building a paradise


Anonymous said...

Which would you prefer?

A "paradise" in S'pore, or a clogged smelly toilet like Indonesia and Malaysia?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

i am choosing hell from paradise.

i don't think any singaporean is complaining about our infrastructure now. but to go that one step further will mean so much more cost. it may become diminishing return and many will not be able to afford it anymore.

Anonymous said...

you cant think between the two extremes and thats the reason why you have death clogging up your neutrons.
the middle ground or the plain is where life and abundance are;a land flowing with milk and honey. unfortunately, it is not in the interests of the elites to lead you there! it is not in their interests to learn the way out and teach it to the people. so the inevitable is that the birds and the beasts cling on to the fat bark. well, lets watch how the blueprint will work itself out.......

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

The elites can only take so much. Although the state is powerful in S'pore, it can't be everywhere, all of the time.

Yes, I believe in abundance: there is still loads of opportunity in Hotel Singapore. It is up to each individual to discover them for themselves.

We make up the idea of "paradise" or "hell" in our minds.

Your "happiness" is in your hands, no one else's. Even if the state and the govt has its "elites", or a plutocracy which "tramples" all over the people, so what? Do you have the character and the fortitude (balls) to guarantee your own happiness, despite those "injustices"?

...or is it easier being a "victim of circumstance"?