nkf story - of knaves and fools

A knave or a fool? Sant Singh: 'Then you are either a knave or a fool. what is your position as of today? Are you a crook or just foolish?' This was what Sant Singh said to David Tan in the witness box. And the paper reported that he is the great grandson of the well respected philantrophist Tan Tock Seng. I just feel so sad. I feel sad for Tan Tock Seng. And I also feel sad that in this episode, starting from the civil suit to this criminal trial, knaves and fools seem to be everywhere. Singapore really needs a big influx of foreign talents or we will be washed away in no time. How can there be so many implications of knaves and fools and crooks in so many places, and all very successful, all highly praised, in the circles of high society? And if knaves and fools can be so successful, what are the less successful and unsuccessful made off? Idiots, donkeys and asses? Quick, quick, bring in the foreign talents. Maybe the govt know this in advance and this could be the prime reason for the foreign talent policy.

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