watch out swee say

Lim Swee Say on sensitive ground The TV camera showed Swee Say expounding the virtues of housewives as the pillar of our society, praising housewives as a noble thing and cannot be compared with low wage workers. But the long and short of it all was that housewives will not get anything extra from the 2007 budget. If they want workfare bonus they must go out and get a job. And there are organisations out there helping and training them to get back to the job market. Housewives are as noble as the virtues of honesty, loyalty, pillars of society, mother etc, and just that. Good to see but cannot eat. Then the camera switched to a few faces, presumably housewives. And their expressions said it all. And if that was what they were thinking, Swee Say better stay clear of the path of housewives for the time being. Housewives love what they are doing. Housewives enjoy the pleasure of looking after their children and watch them grow. That is the most important reward for them. I agree. But when money is being thrown around, public money, the pillar of society also wants to be recognized and wants some too. Words are just plain words. The Ah Huays and Ah Lians may leave him alone. Not sure about the Ah Sohs and the aunties.


Anonymous said...

you read him wrongly. he truly cares for the housewives. he knows that adsentee parents will teach todays kids to lose the crutch mentality and acquire moral values faster in their bedrooms. it is about self reliance and less dependant on hangouts that will free up more resources for acquisitions and mergers and world conquest eventually.
you must try to understand, his intentions are holy and pure.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

None of our opinion matters. The only people who's business it is are the housewives.

I hope they slap him and tell him to shut up. Every politician has their speeches written for them. Mostly the words are empty rhetoric.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

no lah, housewives are very easy to handle. for so long they have not complained. so things are manageable.