A minister or a bank CEO?

A minister or a bank CEO? What drives a man in his choice of a career or his mission in life? Which is more attractive between being a minister that pays him $1m and a bank CEO that pays him $7m? In America, many big earners gave up lucrative jobs just to be in the govt. And they continue or go on to earn much more after their stints in the govt, not in the govt but in the private sector. Obviously the two jobs have different motivations and people consciously choose what to be according to their callings. Some even choose to earn barely enough when the calling is from God. Are these jobs to be compare under the same set of factors? Should national leaders think that they are bankers and bankers think that they are national leaders? Are they one and the same? Or should national leaders compare their income with sportsmen and artistes who earn millions by the hour?

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Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

No difference. The banks are a legal cartel sanctified and protected by the state.

Either which way you choose, you enter into a nexus of mutual back-scratching.