Role of the Internet - Balakrishnan speaks

Role of the Internet - Balakrishnan speaks Govt will continue to take a light touch approach to the internet as they are not really that significant. The Govt will 'continue to set the political agenda and rules of engagement.' Below are some of the notable extracts of what light touch could mean. 'the Govt would not hesitate to 'demolish' those who crossed the line...' 'Any political leader worth his salt will sooner or later be unmasked and, therefore, can be dealt with or engaged on political terms, one on one.' I am trying to figure this one out on what he meant by political terms and one on one. 'I put this not in a threatening way but (the point is) that at the end, the cyberworld cannot escape the realities of the real world.' Luckily he did not use the term brutal truth. 'But he said Singapore's leaders have nothing to hide and are not afraid of the new media.' 'If it is true, I have to reply. If it is untrue, I have to demolish it. If it is seditious or defamatory, we will go after the person.' I think I am alright. 'the PAP had seen the press "cynically manipulated by politicians for short term goals."' 'I don't need The Straits Times to be the mouth piece of the Govt. We have the ministry spokespersons....' I think bloggers and forumers will now have a better picture of he govt's stand on internet postings.


Anonymous said...

Blah blah blah blah blah....

GST up — reason: help the poor blah blah blah blah.

Surprise surprise!

Govt salaries up review on April 9... (observe the media as loud-hailer of the state—"Hear ye, hear ye..")

Blah blah blah blah blah Blah blah blah blah blah Blah blah blah blah blah...

Methinks I just "demolished" a govt argument! Maybe not, who cares? I don't!

Anonymous said...

Yeah... Know already what the YP chief would say. So I quitted YPForum.

Can't be alot bothered nowadays.

It would certainly have an impact on future elections. A choice is made, so here comes the fruit.

The gahmen can't expect to have the cake and eat it.

No matter what he'd say... The govt is feeling the power of internet.

The youths' public education is not from the schools or the main stream media or the P65ers blog, but the many peers online, hiding behind their illusions and nicks and games... an turning this entire unhappiness towards the government into the hot fashion in town.

Nothing will change them when they are 'suffering under the gahmen' in their own ways. It is either the government wins over the internet or turn it into some mega 'SDP'. I personally think that the gahmen is only good at the latter. The gahmen is... one can say, probably totally incompetent in turning around disgruntles.

Welcome to the era of the thinkers... where Singapore is most ill-prepared.

In any case, whether it's internal or external troubles, pray that I can evacuate when MM is still alive. Once he is gone...

I can't imagine what will happen.

Talents should be blessed with evacuation.
Nobody seems to be buying PM's stories on the pay rise. But the thing people are staring at is the Durai fiasco.

Durai is NKF? As if NKF is funded by no donors, not under any gahmen as a NPO, and of course... NKF can't be Durai, NKF is the effort of the donors and for the sufferers. MM Lee is Singapore's MM. But MM Lee is not Singapore. Singapore is not NKF, MM is not NKF, MM is not Durai even if MM can be powerful enough to 'run' Durai (via legislation).

Those lawyers who tried to pardon Durai because NKF is Durai and Durai can't cheat on himself is bullshit... Because NKF paid his salary, he don't pay NKF. And where does his salary comes from? Authority from the board, and funded by donors.

So how the f**k can Durai be NKF? You don't remove yourself if you are NKF. The fact that Durai can be removed already showed that he is NOT NKF, which is why he has to cheat NKF, and now we have new NKF.

Nobody's buying this sorta international joke. Especially when this hits on our legal credibility... We ain't Malaysia, are we?

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

I think people are wasting their time on the NKF thing—which goes to show you how SHALLOW and INSIGNIFICANT most people's lives are—so much so they can wste their time to "kapoh-kapoh" about issues that have little bearing.

"You Can't Cheat An HONEST Man"

Therefore TT is no criminal. What he did sucks, yes, but he acted within the confines of his own responsibilities which was GRANTED to him by the peoples' TRUST.

I don't trust large organisations, and proof of their untrustworthiness is shown here in the NKF case. But hey, if other people trusted them, that is their problem, not mine. I say again: You can't cheat an honest man. It takes 2 WILLING parties to do ANY deal. No one was FORCED to contribute to the NKF

The govt pay issue on the other hand affect everyone, because EVERYONE is TAXED. And no one has CHOICE in paying taxes. To willfully evade them is a crime.

So you see, it goes like:

"Hand over your money so I can pay myself and my people. If you don't hand over your money, I will throw you in jail".