sand smuggling or breaches of regulations?

No ban on granite. Some of the barges were alleged to breach regulations. So the Indonesians told George Yeo. What do all these meant? There were barges who did not breach any regulations. So have they been released? Then what do they meant by breaching regulations? Smuggling sand is not a simple breaching of regulations. It is smuggling. And if they did smuggled, they have to pay the price. But breaching regulations? What regulations? Too many crews on board or too few crews? Some crews did not have immigration papers or what? If the breaches were minor and have nothing to do with smuggling, why are the barges still detained? Charge them or fine them and the commercial activities must continue as per regulations. What if, after finding out that there were no smuggling of sand except some minor breaches of regulations, and the Indonesians persist to detain our vessels there at their pleasure? Then what? We are talking with international forces to set up a task force to combat piracy. Who are the pirates?

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