40 looking at 80

When you are 45 or 50 and staring down the future and knowing that you have possibly another 30 or 35 years to go, and you are jobless and unwanted. My god, is this the fate of older Singaporeans? And what can one look forward to if the likely jobs available are menial or manual works like cleaners and sweepers. And what if the whole country's infrastructure is being upgraded to world class with world class facilities, luxuries and world class price tag? The Age Committee would have to come out with a miracle, like a wonder drug that can make old people younger and marketable.


Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...


those who are 60 and above today came from a different era of very little or no education. they whole life is toiling and toiling. no savings, cannot afford to save.

and because of the advancement in medical science and better living conditions, their lives are extended to a point where they can live but not enough energy or resourcefulness to work. just walk around chinatown and look at the pathetic sight of the oldies dying away, living without any meaning, purpose or activity.

shall we be grateful to medical science to keep life for so long? is living just to be alive? and the problem will be multiplied and there will be an oversupply of cleaners at these age groups. i will like to see the day when all the ah peks and ah mas, fighting for a job as a cleaner.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

> living without any meaning, purpose or activity. <

Who's fault is that?

Don't be a cry-baby lah. There is no excuse for not improving yourself at ANY age

Singapore is awash with opportunities to improve yourself. Take the libraries for example: S'pore has THE BEST public library system in the world. Community centers and recreational clubs int eh heartland run HUNDREDS of courses in virtually any valuable life skill. Then there is Open Uni as well.

You talk cock man. That is really poor journalism my friend. I am a lay-person beach bum, and I can tell you more about adult education in S'pore.

And for fucks sake, give some credit to those older folks who have mustered the courage to improve themselves and not given up on life, and themselves.

Attitude, passion and purpose—without it you may as well die.