Philip Yeo the real blogger

Philip Yeo the real blogger I was reading the exchange between Philip and Chen Jiahao in the Sunday Times today. Philip in all aspects is a suave and cool blogger, the style and words used, without mincing. That's what a real blogger is. Saying it as it is or in the way it should be said. And he did not pick a safe topic to talk about. He chose the issue of the day and smack right into it like any cool blogger will do. No hiding or shying a way. If Philip just joined the fray because it is cool to do so, or because he wants to be seen to do it, then it will be comical. Imagine Philip posting about his favourite pie and his favourite ang tau tng. Kudos to Philip for truly engaging the bloggers in their turf. So far he is the One senior civil servant who feels secured enough to do. :wink:


Anonymous said...

What to say? At the end of the day, the guy brings home the bacon—i.e. he "makes it happen".

IMO, it is such a shame he works for the govt. He'd be great in the (truly) private sector. :)

Anonymous said...

I don't think he is the real philip yeo we know about, there are thousand of many people named philip yeo here. This philip yeo is bogus. If philip yeo is really that blogger, please let strait time publish it or make it a police case if not.
Otherwise, the next time, I come to your site, I will put my name as LKY, LHL, HoJinx, Dulai, LeeBoonYang afterall, there are many people who named after them.

So who do I called myself now. hmmm.... how about GeorgeBush now ?
Well, the next one will be David Marshall ? Oh, he's dead, but his spirit still live on haunting LKY>

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

he is the real philip yeo. it is reported in the sunday times, with his photos on it and his exchanges with chen.

the imposters or bloggers just trying to have fun is a different category of fish.

this is real.