good employment opportunties for singaporeans

Enough jobs for Singaporeans Lets look at some of the numbers quoted by Eng Hen in the Today paper. 173,000 new jobs were created last year. And another 90,000 jobs will be created annually over the next 5 years. Singaporeans could only filled 30,000 jobs annually. And for every 'additional foreigner brought in has resulted in three jobs being created for Singaporean workers.' What does all these mean to the employment of Singaporeans? If Singaporeans can filled in 30,000 jobs annually, then out of the 173,000, 143,000 must be filled by foreigners. Am I right or wrong? And for the next 5 years we will need to bring in 60,000 x 5 foreigners or 300,000 foreign workers to fill all the new jobs created. Correct? So from last year, 143,000 and another 5 years, 60,000, we will have brought in 203,000 foreign workers. Now comes the happy part. For every foreign workers brought in 3 more jobs will be created for Singaporean workers. So how many jobs will be created for Singaporeans as a result of this 203,000 workers? 609,000 jobs! Wow, we will have more problems don't we? Singaporeans can only filled in 30,000 jobs annually. I am just drawing a simple computation from the numbers and reasons given. It is a happy problem for Singaporeans. No Singaporeans will be unemployed. Employers will be begging Singaporeans to work. There will be more pay rises when demand exceeds supply.

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Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

alamak, how many times do I have to say—the government cannot create jobs for the masses—it can only create "jobs" for itself.

In the market, jobs are driven by DEMAND for goods and services.

And on a note of personal responsibility: no one can earn more than what they are really "worth".

Therefore, if you want to earn more, you must offer more value, which is the "thing" we create to exchange for money from others, in mutual and voluntary TRADE.

Economics 101 lah!