set the talents free

I find it very unfair to keep the best talents in the govt and pay them a miserable salary that is below what they should earned. We should free these talents and their enterprises and encourage them to join the private sector and join the list of billionaires. That is their destiny, as they are gifted people and must not be restrained by being cooped up in public service. Let them serve their terms in public service and then release them to prosper. By doing so, not only we have many rich and happy individuals, we will also have many talents with bright ideas to help revitalise the private sector, and the nation will benefit too. And with so many young talents waiting in the wings, it will allow them to get promoted faster, and be happier as well. And the younger and eager talents will be out there to push themselves to serve the people and nation better. It is all for the good of the nation to spread out our talents. Just look at the brighter side, if all the ministers and top civil servants above 50 were to join the private sector, we will definitely have a more vibrant and creative climate and more companies and corporations will surge to the forefront internationally. No need foreign imports. The approach of keeping these talents and limiting their pay and having to justify to a people that do not believe in public services being overpaid is bad for the country. We must think creatively and find a solution that will benefit the poor talents that are kept in the public services from becoming billionaires in their own right and abilities. Set them free.


Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Talk cock lah, redbean.

The private sector has been doing just fine, and the private sector has been using "foreigners" ever since the days of the British East India Company.

Many fresh young graduates simply choose to work for the govt, Some of them have no choice—they are bonded because they took govt scholarships.

If you are observant, you would have noticed a pattern (of sorts). The young ones work for the govt for a few years—because of job security and reasonably good pay—and then leave to join the private sector or to "do their own thing". Of course, there are those who stay in the public service—why not? Iron rice bowl lah.

You can complain all you want about govt salary scales, and it won't make a difference, The "idea" has already been set: that govt salaries will be "competitive" with the private sector.

The result: a bigger and more expensive govt, funded by taxes and an usurpation of commercial opportunity by Govt Linked Corporations.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

finally you know that i am talking cock. otherwise i will be very disappointed in you : )

Anonymous said...

And I should care about your opinion because...? ;)