another sign of decline

Another sign of decline We are losing our 0.5% of the top brains of future Singaporeans. Our peaks will be lower. So to arrest this problem we cast our nets wide and rope in another 2.5 million foreign talents to replace the 0.5% Singaporeans. How many is this top 0.5%? 1000, 5000 or 1000? It reminds me of the debate between Wei Ling and Philip Yeo. To cast a big net or to be focussed and narrow in to what we want? Take a little more care and time, look at what we want, go for the catch. Or grab everything that comes along, all and sundry, the more the merrier, and hoping that some good ones will be caught? But the 2.5 million also has another objective. Without them there can be no growth or little growth.

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