Medisave, a stubborn question

Until today, I am still not convince why people covered by Medishield or their own medical insurances must still have a large chunk of their money locked in Medisave. Can someone enlightened me on this? If a citizen has provided himself adequately with medical coverage, even setting aside a sum in the Medisave in case he cancels his insurance coverage, would that not be enough? Why forced people to leave excessive money in the Medisave?


Anonymous said...

our government should concentrated more on political duty instead of more on businesses. THis would cost everything to go up like: transportation, medical cost, insurance, housing, energy cost,telecommunication, tax & gst etc.

This is why we ppls are force to pay higher fee for their cost.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

that is why matilah has been advocating lesser govt.

the people must not be too happy when the govt want to do this and that. it all cost money and the people pays for everything.

it will be a different matter if the govt said we have made so much money from our investment and we will use it to do this and that to benefit the people, i will definitely applaud for it.

i also can promise paradise if the people are willing to pay for it.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Smaller government is only the beginning. My long term hope is for virtually no govt at all.

If I were to support the idea of A State, the state would have one head—The President, and he will have a staff of about 5 people. His assistant, The Vice President will have a staff of about five also.

There will be no, or very little taxes. Definitely no income tax or consumption tax of any kind — i.e. no assaults on private property, no application of the principle of eminent domain by The State to acquire the private property of citizens by force—for e.g. The Land Acquisition Act.

The offices of the President and Vice President will be funded by a State Lottery—i.e. by totally voluntary contribution by the citizens. If gambling is against your principles, you needn't participate.

Never forget that Singapore is a republic, which means the people are in-charge of the state, not the other way around—government for the people, by the people—representative govt.

By applying that fundamental principle of republicanism, you will find that ***the people get the government they DESERVE***

Of course none of what I have written will make any sense, if you don't understand the nature of a peaceful, moral, personally responsible individual, who cares about himself, and respects others, and their private property to the point where he will never initiate force against them or their property.

All these ideas are grounded in the idea of Self Ownership. Extend the concept to the social realm, and you will discover that The People own their country, and if they do not care enough about their country to defend it, their country will be taken over by armed gangs—either foreign or local. In the case of S'pore—a local armed gang is slowly chipping away at the liberty, freedom and private property of the people—at the individual level, i.e. interfering with Self-Ownership.

Here is a primer. Also note in the presentation, how good people can give away their power which foments other essentially good people to do evil deeds.