hota and 'phua park' business

In the early days of old Singapore, the locals dreaded being admitted to the General Hospital. Admission is as good as an acceptance of death. This is mainly due to the fact that many cases admitted were in a very bad state or in critical condition. Another fear is 'phua park'. In Hokien it means cutting up the body. This is taboo in the Chinese mindset. With the ongoing debate on Hota and how efficient the harvesting team is in going about their duties, would we see the same situation happen when Singaporeans fear being rushed to hospitals and line up for 'phua park'? For all the good intention and well meaning, a too efficient system in this, and an over zealous team of organ harvestors, would these present another kind of fear to the masses? Would the people become paranoid over hospital admission? We must respect the wishes of the dead. A dead person who signed the Opt In form is clearly committing himself into an act. How positive are we to know that the dead has such a wish if he did not opt in but was opt in by default? Without actually performing the act of opting in, did he or did he not opt in? This 'phua park' business is no small business to be dismissed away carelessly.

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