myth 124

Myth 124 The Govt is overpaid I need to demolish this myth that the govt is overpaid. Simply look at the pay of the CEOs of our local banks, in 7 to 10 millions. Compare that to our ministers, no fight right? Our ministers are really being paid peanuts compare to these bank CEOs. And looking at the things and issues our ministers are doing, they deserve to be paid more than the bank CEOs. For their decisions affect the 4 million people in the island. On the other hand the decisions of the bank CEOs affect only the business people and hardly affect everyone in the island. Perhaps one, when they charged all the cheapskate people who have very little money but insisted on having a bank account. And they were so kind to charge them a token sum of $2 monthly. The cost of maintaining the accounts is very high, expensive buildings, expensive staff, expensive softwares and equipment and expensive CEOs to pay. What is $2? They would rather these cheapskate depositors keep their money in their Milo tins. Back to the ministers, every decision they make, good or bad, will hit the people in one way or another. If the decision is bad, they will suffer the wrath of the people and the bad karmas from 4 million people. They deserve every cent they are getting and more on this alone. The counter argument to this is that they are making all the good decisions that are good for the people and will be amply rewarded by 4 million good karmas. In the Singapore context this is true as all the decisions are for the good of the people. But no one get away from the appointments and titles of the job. These are national appointments. Just like the kings and princes and princesses, they are on top of the heap and must be rewarded accordingly. The king or prince may be born an idiot, but by virtue of their titles, they should be paid more than the commoners. In the case of a government where the ministers have huge responsibilities and are the best of all the talents the country can produced, they must be paid more. Or at least more than the bank CEOs. I rest my case.


Anonymous said...

Are you being serious, or are you writing a satire?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

sometimes i am quite blur. what did i say?

Anonymous said...

You know, the posting titled 'myth 124'. Is the article serious? Or is the author trying to be funny/ironic.

Anonymous said...

Redbean has been known to write nonsensem from time to time. I guess this is one of those occasions!!

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

now i got all of you sitting up and staring at what i said. but what i am simply saying is that you can take any position and put up a case for it. i can also use timbuctoo as my model country and try to justify my position.

in life, there are many instances when people have already decided what they want or taken a stand. then they scurried around trying to make people believe in what they are saying.

the more silly that position is the more silly will be the justifications. but many lucky people are in a position to push through their arguments simply because they are in control and no one can rebut what they said.

a typical example is the allegations that singapore caused the flood in jb or singapore causing the tremors and earthquake in indonesia because of the export of sand. or you may want to look further north who claimed that singapore is eavedropping on their military communications.

i can take any position and back it up. but how true or reasonable is a separate matter. the truth is in the subject in question, not in the justifications or proof.