Myth 127

Myth 127 Sacrifice family for the Nation Our politicians are the most self sacrificing people in the country and deserve to be paid well. They wear so many hats, spent 18 hours working and 6 hours sleeping and dreaming about how to run the country, and totally have no time for the family. Where on earth can you find such honourable people who are willing to give up so much to serve the people? And when it is time to retire, and continue to receive a well rewarding 2/3 of their last drawn salary, to spend time with the family that they have neglected, they choose to stay on to work for the people and nation. They will work till they die on the job. The success of Singapore is a result of their sacrifice and commitment to the nation.


Anonymous said...

Hi Redbean, what you wrote here reminded me of the speech given by Mark Anthony when he prised Brutus after the assasination of Ceasar. Very apt. I am sure most of your readers too will get your true implication. Well written.

Anonymous said...

Agreed. redbean must have steered clear of the booze last night and woken up with a clear head :)

The govt salary thing might just be the issue to push the people to the brink. Most people I know are fucken angry.

Ever since they reviewed the ministerial pay years ago, there has been an undercurrent of discontent among the people of Singapore.

The govt has IGNORED this and jauntily proceeded to run the country, at times with an air of arrogance about them. They have forgotten that the money the ministers earn come directly off the backs of the people—people who work bloody hard, and go home to their families TIRED, and stressed.

Who can blame them, the people, for being pissed off?

Anonymous said...

So what !!!!
All the chickens can't do anything even if the minister pay increase to $20million !!! When shincorpse lose money, and so what !! what can chicken do again ?

Chickens can't do anything that why the galman will get to do more cronies thing to themselves

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

i think i have had too much methanol. finally i said something right and everyone agrees.

matilah said most people are fucken angry? swee say said the union leaders and workers have accepted the reasons for the payrise.

who is right? who is closer to the ground? definitely not matilah who is in soi cowboy. so swee say is right. he understands the aspiration and anxiety of the people and can empathise with them. he is with the people all the time as the union chief.

Anonymous said...

Of course, progressively, more union leaders and workers will accept the increase. What can they do? Singaporeans are like that. Things die down after a while and the elites know this.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

now there you are, anonymous is already agreeing. more will agree in a matter of time : )

Anonymous said...

redbean — people get angry, but eventually they resign themselves to the fact that this is the way in S'pore—the government conflates party politics with the supposedly a-political civil service, and pays all the super stars rock-star salaries.

So yes, you are correct "eventually" people will agree with you—go treat yourself to a naughty massage or something.

BTW, Soi Cowboy (as are many other sexy Thai entertainment districts) is returning to its pre-Thaksin days. The tops are OFF the dancers, and frequently the bottoms as well! Aah, a sight to behold for budding hobby gynecologists like my good self...

Let the good times roll!

Anonymous said...

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