national education in cyberspace

National Education in Cyberspace 40 or 50 years ago, life was simple, at least for the children. Go to school and home to play. Not many would even consider tuition. The schools were there to teach the children everything that was needed to know. And parents expectation were simple. Learn to read and write and make sure that there was no red ink in the report cards. A pass was a pass and was good enough. Today we want the teachers to become magicians, teaching the children more knowledge than ever before. Other than the 3Rs, there are the languages, the computer knowledge, the ECA, social works, how to do business, how to gamble in the stock market, how to have good EQs and IQs, how to be the best by having straight As, how to be a star sportsman or sportswoman or a musician. In other words, a supertalent in all fields. They don't even have time for their pimples. Today they need to be politically aware of national affairs as well. National education will be taught. What, from the angle of the children, would they want to spend their precious time on while growing up? Play, play computer games, hip hop dancing, dating, sports and fun. Do they have the time to do all these wonderful things that children are supposed to do? It is tough to be a child today. As for national education, why not let them go into cyberspace or visit sites like this and they will stand to learn a lot more and more interesting than what the teachers can teach them? The schools should allocate an hour a day for the students to surf the nets and explore the social and political discussions taking place, and discuss about the issues that are being posted. Now would that be far more interesting than the regurgitation of teachers from prepared text? Bring the children into cyberspace is like going live, be there and experience it.

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