Notable quotes - Lee Boon Yang

'the mainstream's (media) future would be assured by its "ability and commitment to provide accurate and credible information with thoughtful analyses and objective commentaries".' Lee Boon Yang Boon Yang also added that msm has 'professionalism and objectivity' in its favour. This is in response to the challenges of internet. How many believe that the msm is professional and objective and how many don't?


Anonymous said...

I seriously do not think you need a survey to find the answer to your question Redbean.

Anonymous said...

I don't. Professional and objective they may claim, but once you are told to toe the line, you become bias and highlight the pros and hide the cons.

Anonymous said...

I am playing the devils's advocate here. While I agree with all regarding the MSM's slant, I also do not think that the blog space is all that professional and objective either. So, is there really a viable alternative?

redbean said...

the internet is very colourful. one can be objective and can be fun. can be cynical, can be serious.

and one can add in the emotions, the flavours, with salt and pepper, sometimes plenty of salt and pepper. this is the good part about internet that msm cannot ever come near.

the internet is alive and with feelings.

redbean said...

both play a complimentary role to each other. it is for the good of everyone. msm without cyberspace will be too controlled, too regulated and you know what.

internet may not be very objective, but that is what the real world is all about. there is no such thing as objectivity, but only a matter of degree.

we will all benefit from more open discussions and more platforms.

Elfred said...

What the minister literally implies could be: Blogs are literary non-credible, or just not serious.

Of cos, unless people wanna declare online journalism for their blogs.

Matilah_Singapura said...

How many believe that the msm is professional and objective and how many don't?

All good Singaporeans should unquestioningly believe and follow every utterance the main stream media spews from its giant mouth.

Then the population can march shoulder-to-shoulder with the PAP.

redbean said...

now that's a good idea.

Elfred said...

I am putting it... officially.
And who the fuvk wil really need ST now? Alamak~