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The international dumb asses

If pay be the criteria for intelligence, these must be the dumb asses in international politics. Russian President Vladimir Putin S$113,000 pa French President Nicolas Sarkozy S$480,000 British PM Gordon Brown S$534,000 German Chancellor Angela Merkel S$544,000 Irish PM Bertie Ahern S$620,00 These dumb asses were so shortchanged that they didn't know their market values.


Anonymous said...

It's better to have a high official salary than a low one supplemented with undercounter dealings.

Anonymous said...

The European ones you mentioned have access to large helpings of funds. Meanwhile, the Russian economy is run by the mafia.

And your point is?

redbean said...

better to do things above board than under the table. no problem with declaration of assets.

Matilah_Singapura said...

> If pay be the criteria for intelligence, <

It isn't. So stop hallucinating.

Anonymous said...

each time i look at the older estates and realise how up till the 80s, our hdb flats were designed and built almost the same, i really wonder at the great intelligence and extraordinary efforts that must have been required to create such boring and ugly looking things again and again for decades.

redbean said...

the older estates were built by people who earned only a few thousand dollars a month. so that is fair expectation.

when they are getting world class salaries, they must deliver world class standards.