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Celebrating Singaporean - Dr Hui Kok Pheng

Singaporean doctor answered SMS call and rushed to KL to save life of 17 yr old Foo Chuan Wing who was in the ICU suffering from lung infection. And he charged only a fraction of the market rate for his service which was actually an out of the normal call of duty. I think money was never in his mind except to help save the boy.


Anonymous said...

I think we should publish more stories about everyday heroes in order to create a positive environment for S'poreans to aspite to. There's so much said about kiasuim, ugliness etc that it becomes self-fulfilling.

Anonymous said...

An extinct or endangered elite in little red dot.

Shame the PAP who has lost the moral authority to preach after the last obscene increased in their salary.

Anonymous said...

this is a good doctor, but people like that are endangered species... there are rumors that people get very bad services at high charges by some of specialists. see, specialists also need to maintain their costly lifestyle..

Anonymous said...

sadly there arent that many local heroes worth publishing stories abt aside from the usual few that keep appearing .. those self confessed gurus.