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Computer addiction worries Parliament

Ellen Lee raised in Parliament on the problem of her 12 year old nephew's addiction to computer games. She fears that this could be a general problem and wanted to know what the ministers are going to do about it. I hope someone will raise the problem of gangs running around night spots and slashing people with parangs. Would Singapore turn into another cowboy town or an island of secret societies fighting in the streets? Have they rid the island of loan sharks or are the sharks still swimming freely around?


Anonymous said...


Absolutely agree.

Can't believe that the MP is wasting precious parliament time asking Govt to dictate in a matter that should be the parent's domain. Matilah was right - now 'people's representatives' are really asking the Govt to wipe our backside and then lick it.

Well, since it's been tabled, I would like to offer a simple Govt solution - ban computer games and impose heavy fine on the parents. Hire 3m foreign talent to police this new law. Use the fines to self-fund this entirely new industry. We will achieve population target, economic growth and curb computer addiction at same time.

The often mantra about S'pore being safe (especially at night) is turning into a myth. At night, you get slashed at random, robbed in lifts. At day, you get conned by cab drivers and politicians (especially when they say cost of living not correlated with CPI...huh??)

Matilah_Singapura said...

> Ellen Lee raised in Parliament on the problem of her 12 year old nephew's addiction to computer games. <

Who the fuck is this IDIOT?

Why should the government do anuthing?? What about being GOOD parents and aunts/uncles to the kids?

You want good kids, you fucking look after them, because you fucked to get them in the first place. Or else, wear a condom when you screw, so that the rest of us don't have to be taxed or give the govt yet-another-excuse to fuck with our lives.

You mean we're paying fat salaries for stupid people like this Ellen-what's her face character?

Fuck it!