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Pay rise, looking at the big picture

Pay rise, looking at the big picture This pay rise for Ministers is undeniably the hottest topic today. There is no running away from it. Everywhere everyone is talking about it. So there is no point in putting the head in the sand and pretend that nothing seen, nothing heard and nothing is happening. What is important is to discuss it rationally so that everyone gets a fair hearing and a better understanding of the issue. Sue Ann Chia or Chia Sue-Ann said we must look at 'A big picture view of public sector pay.' She mentioned Dr Henri Ghesquiere, an adjunct professor at the LKY School of Public Policy, saying 'It would look high when viewed in isolation.' What Henri is saying is that it is not high if one look at the big picture, ie, Singapore's success as a first world country. 'Consider how Singapore comes out tops in global rankings for effectiveness of govt and efficiency of the court system....Highly remunerated officials are expected to go the extra mile and deliver beyond the call of duty, he added.' This is another way of looking at the issue other than that they will also not be corrupt. What Henri said also pointed to our obsession to be rated number one in everything. Maybe this is one of the yardstick which the govt is using to measure Singapore's success and the contribution of ministers and civil servants. The more number ones, the more deserving for higher pay. The grassroots must be trained to look at the big picture.


Matilah_Singapura said...

There is only one picture, and it is this—that the state, takes by FORCE (or threat of force) to pay itself. It also decides how much to pay itself.

If you agree that relieving people of their property—the fruits of their labour—is IMMORAL, then all the arguments about the "good" govts do is false.

If you do however agree that it is MORAL for people to have their property confiscated by "law", then that says that you are "morally flexible" and indeed have a degree of corruption.

Anonymous said...

This government is getting greedy despite having the highest pay in the world for a government. Now, it intent to double its pay! Which private sector company will give its employee double pay as a raise?

Anonymous said...

Pay hike again!!!

How many ministar can make it in the private sector with that kind of pay???

redbean said...

they believe they can. how many really can?

from a distance, the world looks blue and everything is beautiful, the big picture.

Matilah_Singapura said...

I also believe I can do this that and the other. I also believe that I can own a stable of super-cars: Ferrari, Konigsegg, Bugatti, Lambogini...

.... but I don't FORCE people to pay for it.