The American murderers crying foul in Syria

A cease fire in Syria has been passed by the useless UN in favour of the murderers of human civilisations, the evil American Empire, to protect the last few survivors of their cunning and wicked schemes. The Americans are pulling all the plugs to save the rebels that they have bred to cause civil strife and wars in Syria when they are about to be wiped out completely to bring peace back to Syria...a war started by the Evil Empire to do a regime change.

The rebels are hiding behind the civilians, using them as shields and resulting in some civilians being killed in the bombing of the rebel positions. About 500 civilians have been killed in the process and the Americans are crying foul, using this as an excuse to stop the eradicting of their mercenary soldiers. Here is what the Americans are screaming about.

"Every minute the council waited on Russia, the human suffering grew," US Ambassador Nikki Haley told the council after the vote, accusing Moscow of stalling.

"As they dragged out the negotiations, the bombs from Assad's fighter jets continued to fall. In the three days it took us to adopt this resolution, how many mothers lost their kids to the bombing and the shelling?"

Goodness me, the Americans have a conscience to protect the lives of civilians? Reflect this statement on the civilian death and the number of civilians killed in the two atomic bombs in Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Think of the massive bombings that flattened North Korea, not just the cities, but the whole country and how many civilians were massacred by the Americans. Think of the carpet bombings of Vietnam, Agent Orange, napalms and the millions of civilian Vietnamese mothers and children and babies murdered and many are still dying today, also in Laos and Cambodia. The Americans were testing all kinds on chemical weapons on the Vietnamese people just like the Japanese did in China in WW2. Think of the deceitful invasion of Iraq that let to the death of hundreds of thousands of Iraqis, millions wounded and homeless. No mothers and children and babies died?

Did the Americans bothered to think or care about the children and mothers that were dying because of their massive bombings in their wars of Empire?

These are the war crimes of the Americans against civilians and civilisations. Did the evil Americans shed a tear? No! They got the cheek to say the death and wounded and the homeless were war collaterals, without any guilt or shame, with no remorse. And the useless UN would not and could not bring the murderers to court to be charged for war crimes against humanity. Now the same mass murderers are crying foul because their mercenaries are being killed.

Today they are crying crocodile tears at 500 casualties in Syria. How foolish are those men and women representing their countries in the UN to let the real mass murderers to go Scot free and trying to pick on a small incident like this dumb girl guide screaming in the UN Security Council. If there is a fair God, the Americans would be punished, sooner of later, for their brutal crimes against humanity and humankind.

The western media have been harping about Syrian govt using chemical weapons against the civilians. With the black ops conducted by the CIA and other American agencies for so many decades, anyone could guess with eyes closed that these were all false flag incidents with 100% accuracy that the culprits are the Americans. But the Americans and western media are pointing the fingers at Assad. And many sillies are believing in this white lie.


Anonymous said...

They are not white lies. The are the darkest of the dark lies deliberately framed-up, coordinated and conspired by the US Govt through the CIA and FBI, and the Secret Services.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

The media loves to sensationalize and make the world look shittier than is actually is. Don't get me wrong: life is wall-to-wall shit, unjust, unfair, uncertain and fragile. Which means it is also very intersting and side-splittingly entertaining.

One of the favourite media "tricks" is to use images of dead and suffering children. People seem to react strongly to those images...they get disturbed. I'm sure a few get sexually aroused...but I'll keep on topic here and not get into the "child fucking" thing, like the Catholic priests. ;-)

Anyway, thankfully the internet---the main disruptive technology of our time is killing of MSM's, journalism and biased editorials like druggies in Roy Duterte's Pinoyland. For e.g.: people who are curious or enjoy the images of dead children can now entertain themselves for free, and guilt-free at sites like Rotten and Reddit---which has specific threads for the morbidly curious.

The ensure that the Arab-fuck-Arab entertainment keeps on giving us our daily doses of hilarious humour, the fans must hope and support the ongoing presence of the US and it's allies in the Holy Lands.

Now every great story must have a Village Idiot for comic relief. In the case of the explosive extravaganza in the Middle East, that village idiot is the United Nations; who IMO, whould receive some sort of "award" for playing such a realistic role as a complete moron, it's hard to even tell they are acting!

Anonymous said...

Ghouta East s shelling of Damascus resulted Assad deploys Tiger force to take Ghouta. Almost immediately, UN table cease fire resolution. The initiate assaults with artillery and bombing resulted casualties. There is no doubt, from records of Tiger force, Ghouta will fall into Assad s hands. This is the last base of IS and the west cannot afford to lose it. Few will deny that Obama administration created ISIS. ISIS ended up attacking the west through acquiring oil fields and sold cheap raw oil to market.

Remember the raw fact of this real story. A US plumber s truck was screen on US TV with his telephone nos on ISIS area. This plumber ended up having to sue the used car dealer because he was named as traitor. There is no need to write in logical deduction what had happened.

US wants these Alqueda rebels to withdraw with cease fire. If readers look carefully, almost whole Syria is under Assad s army control. Where can these Alqueda rebels go? Now Turkey is in Syria to fight Syria because Kurdish rebels promised Assad it will not go for independence provide Assad gives them a place. So instead of Turkey fighting Kurds, Assad ended up fighting Turkey. Ghouta is the remaining IS that Russian will want to eliminate. The rebels become western media s prize for humanitarian talk show. The rebels are holding 450000 civilians. This war is similar to Allepo. The ending is predictable. It is the lost war for US who supports the rebels.

From this middle east war, SK Moon would have learned the outcome when US engage war with Kim Jong Un. The publicity in media will be cruel on Kim s side. But the war if on SK ground, will be similar to Allepo.
South Koreans will be held as shield for bombs, similar to present Ghouta East civilians. Chemical weapons like chlorine gas at least will be used when the war is losing to NK, and lots of pictures of dead bodies especially babies and children will be shown repeatedly on TV. Then at the end, US troops disappeared, and the remaining SKoreans troops mati.

Moon should have visualized how his people will end with when playing "little brother" to the west. If US cannot beat Assad, can it beat Iran? Can it beat Nkoreans if US refuses to deploy ground troops to physically invade NK? It is a losing war if Moon wants to play with US to boost Trump s big mouth. The losing war in Syria is because US does not deploy ground troops to fight.

The risk will be even more, if US and China pressure Nkoreans to smuggle nuclear bombs to Iran and African countries for cash. Moon is standing on these super power s way to save his own people s lives, very much like Assad doing in war time Sysia. But Skoreans will die fast with Nkoreans deadly high heat weapons, no pain lah. However, this same pain might end up in Tokyo as war ground and not Seoul. For this Moon should be given Samsung Nobel Prize if he has succeeded. Its 60% done now. Kim Jong Un might have decided where is the battle ground when US starts to bomb Pyongyang. Another war story to watch. Sure will flash dead children on TV. Better dont on it if home has child under age. When can US learn that their weapons are outdated? Its their war spirit are worn off liao. No will to fight war, dont do it, or it will fail badly. Tioh bor ah hiar?

Anonymous said...

It would be wonderful to watch how the US engage in a four-front war (Middle-East, Africa, Latin America and Asia simultaneously. The world must unite to tackle this evil monster that pretends to be the defender of smaller countries but actually milking them dry. This evil giant is living on borrowed money and borrowed time.

Anonymous said...

Likewise, the MIW elites have been pretending to care for the citizens but are actually milking them dry.

Anonymous said...

If Uncle Sam is such a dangerous instigator of chaos in Asia, as constantly painted by Redbean, why then has the Singapore government said that we need them to keep the region in balance?

Maybe Redbean is the boy who cry " wolf " or making mountains out of mole hills.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...


>> It would be wonderful to watch how the US engage in a four-front war (Middle-East, Africa, Latin America and Asia simultaneously. <<

Absolutely agree. When the USA wins hands down by walloping the shit out of all these cuntries, the resulting Hollywood movies from the multiple American Victory will be awesome! :-))

However, the fucken Asian are all bad sports. They will be so butt-hurt at me even mentioning this ;-)

Got wah wah baby noise?

Anonymous said...

Your few sentences said all. Many in minds have similar thoughts. US is on "borrowed time", quite a big risk for one big power in asean depending on US s existence. UK has gone back to ground after its Tony Blair teamed up with his blood brother G Bush to hang Sadam till his head dropped off. The split between middle east and the west might have this story as marker. The extreme haters against one religion conducted war against the followers on their very own ground. These followers are spreading wide including Germany.

The days will come or may come when US is weaken, and when middle east has nuclear weapons. Its highly dangerous to blindly believe US still have the vigor to fight another big war in North Korea. Once the war is lost to Kin Jung Un, nuclear weapons will be a standard weapon to middle east country like Iran and Syria. The battles for revenge will begin against the most mighty US supporter (s). Note the S. Many blind citizens still think they are protected, except Duterte, who said clearly, he does not want Philippines to be US s "little brother", he does not want his people to die for US, in short. Watch for the silliness. Some big power in asean still believes they can rely on US to protect their punches against other power. This kind of relying on nothing to push their ideological agenda around was found with one old fart, he has long gone, yet his followers are still thinking the world has not changed. Its on borrowed time: its alarming to know ur view. It is outstanding. Bravo.

VIrgo49 said...

The Amweicans no need a Military War to satisfy their bloodthirsty quests for BLOOD as in their Murderous Genes. With Purple Heart as pinned to the Evil Hearts, they now have their own kind killing each other.

Just loved to see the Cowboys in their daily squabbles of their what's Guns Control. Awaiting breaking news of further Mass Slaughterings of their own. Karma had them that He who LIVED by the Guns shall DIE by the Guns is in Motion.

They took pride in murderous deeds of killing Others in others Countries and called themselves Patriots. With their open legs policies just like the Papies who allowed the undesirables in, now they are too afraid of NOT having the Guns by their side.

MOT,SInkieland would be also infested with the Undesirables and have their citizens murdered, rape and whatsoever crimes there is in this evil world.

Molest cases up 22% and they do not evenmentions Who's who's. But when they caught a Sinkie fighting or any other trivial crimes, they Reported in Headline.

Anonymous said...

Wait for a major nuclear accident in the US homeland. That would be just dessert to pay for their crimes against humanity.

Anonymous said...

Some very relevant points. How many on here think the U.S. would risk blood and treasure to support and fight for Singapore? (this is a good question to get an idea of how many idiots grace these pages). Most know the answer to this but sit by and let the state organ print pro US garbage every single day. Fernandez is right up there with, "Baghdad Bob" "Hanoi Hannah" "Seoul City Sue" and "Comical Ali" and is being paid millions to do it. Does he and the government think this fake news isn't being read by China who is Singapore's real bread and butter? Why isn't there any noise from the blogosphere on this US propaganda, is there a fear of reprisal? (this is truly a question).

Anonymous said...

Molest was explained. Molestation increased 60.5% in 9 months on public transport. Entertainment places up 30%. So covered all. Women take public transport are making their choices for molestation.
Dont blame the uniform groups. They oredi warned women not to go places of high molestation.
But share with you one more secret: do not take public transport with those frequently molest women. Got the message clear or still want to complain? Dont take spicy foods, u dont sweat so much.

Anonymous said...

Molestation is like buying one stock in xchange, someone pokes from behind.
This abudabi goldiluke alerted that one xgx stock got such practice: after agreeing on restructuring, it carried out non cash write down of assets (derivatives)USD1.45billions to 1.55billions.
Therefore many thought budgets got such things as investment returns as number one income. Goldiluke can tell some problems do exist. When these companies write down their assets as losses, they called non cash losses. So before writing down, what u call that? Profit before taxes.

Heaven Can Wait said...

@ 1057 am:

"When the USA wins hands down by walloping the shit out of all these cuntries, the resulting Hollywood movies from the multiple American Victory will be awesome!"

Since after World War Ii, the US has yet to win any war. Let me quality my statement:

1. The US has lost the US-Vietnam War after taking over the war from the French defeat. In 1974, US forces were forced to make a hasty retreat and a disgraceful withdrawal out of South Vietnam, despite the use of carpet-bombings by B-52 bombers, napalm bombs, Agent Orange, Purple Rain and total air superiority, massive deployments of troops, armour and artillery, plus freedom of the sea with its Pacific Naval Command in total domination of the Vietnamese Coastline.

2. The War in Iraq is not over yet, though Saddam Hussein has been eliminated. George Bush Junior only planned to begin the war but failed to plan for the end of the war. After Obama took over from Bush, he had to make a hasty plan of withdrawal of US troops from Iraq, thereby causing a major weakness in the security of the country. This allowed the Resistance Forces to conduct simultaneous attacks across the whole of Iraq, with Iran supporting them from behind. When Trump took over from Obama, he had to send more troops to Iraq to beef up the ground defence against the local Resistance Forces (labelled as Terrorists by the US). With Iran, Russia and China helping the Iraqi Resistance Forces, it is only a matter of time before US forces are driven out of Iraq, like what had happened in South Vietnam. Now, the US-Iraq War is in the Protracted Phase, with guerrilla warfare and conventional military operations being conducted side by side.

3. The US-Afghan War is also not over yet. The Taliban Forces are getting stronger and stronger by the days, while the US forces are already battle-fatigue and the US-backed Afghan government is as corrupted as ever. This is the same situation in South Vietnam during the last few years of the US-Vietnam War, when the US-backed South Vietnam government was totally corrupted. With Pakistan, Russia and China on the side of the Talibans, it is a matter of time the US-backed Afghan government falls.

4. The Syrian War is still on-going. It looks like the US-created and-backed ISIS is fighting a final retreat from its last stand. And Israel, Turkey and UN have to be called in by the US to help to prolong the agony of the illegal US-created ISIS Forces from final defeat by the Syrian Forces.

5. The US-Libyan War is not over, though Gadaffi had been murdered brutally, ruthlessly and mercilessly. The Libyan people are not happy with the present situation. They yearn for the return of the Gadaffi Days. A national unity resistance movement is getting momentum to topple the present US-installed government in Libya. Likewise, the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood is making a comeback to take over the present Egyptian government.

6. Though World War II has ended and Hitler is dead but the German Nazis are still fully alive and kicking. They have infiltrated into the US societies in every State of Continental USA, with their HQs in South America. One day, these Nazis are going to rise up and make a comeback.

Heaven Can Wait said...

Continues from 1:39 pm:

7. The Japanese have infiltrated into the US Military, US Intelligence Organizations, US Research Institutions and the US government. One day, the Japanese are going to avenge the death of the millions of Japanese murdered by the US nuclear genocides inflicted upon their people at Hiroshima and Nagasaki on August 6th and 9th 1945! Japanese have the long-memory of the horror inflicted upon their defenceless civilians, the resilience and patience to wait for the opportune time to take revenge for their kins, and the determination and resolve to carry it out successfully.

8. The aborigines of America, whose people had been slaughtered, massacred, butchered, raped, mutilated and enslaved, and their land robbed, stolen, seized and occupied by the Whitemen can never forget nor forgive those who, until today, aimed to annihilate, belittle, control, deprive and eliminate them forever. One day, the descendants of these aborigines would rise up and free themselves from the claws and clutches of the Whitemen.

9. The African Americans who are still being belittled and treated unequally by the White Supremacists, will also one day rise up as a force to be reckoned with. When that happens, they would want to break loose from the claws and clutches of the Whitemen, and fight for Independence.

Those are very brief accounts of the culpable accountability of the Evil White USA.

Heaven Can Wait said...

10. Don't forget the US-Korea War is still not over. There was only a ceased fire agreement but no peace treaty signed. Technically, the Koreans are still at war with the USA.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ Heaven Can Wait

I do apologise for not qualifying what I meant by "win" viz-a-viz the US facing multiple enemies.

The US doesn't have to "win" in the true sense of a military victory.


Simple answer, maybe too simplified: the USA (The State, not the general population) is the dirtiest player in history. America will do whatever the fuck it wants to get what it wants.... Don't believe too much reported by the media. They've been fed misinformation or deliberately in cahoots with the powers-that-be to enact yet-another-stinky-dirty-trick, or just plain old-fashioned threats and bullying.

For e.g.: The US has backed rebels by giving them weapons and support (Nicaragua contra deal) to obliterate the legal govt.

But it also has sanctions against weapons for cuntries like Iran.

At sometime or other, the USA has done "deals" with oppressive regimes, and then turned around when policy changes to make enemies of former "friends". They have backed monsters like Marcos, Soeharto, lent a shitload of money to Mao, devastated a whole bunch of sovereign nations in S America...yeah, they will fuck with any nations domestic politics and society if "foreign policy" of the day dictates it.

As it turns out, the whole fucking Vietnam War was started on a sham. In WW2 the USA basically "bullied" Japan economically until the Japs got so fed up they had to conquer, as they held that was the only option available for Japanese survival.

As soon as the USA "wins"---or more like fucks up the hapless cuntry in question and its entire population (except for the corrupt elites who do very well), American "advisers" move in to "repair and rebulid" the mess. That involves people from the financial and industrial sectors....money, money and more money.

America is very quick and smaet to exploit any leverage based on historic hostilities. Take for e.g. the Shia-Sunni split in Islam. Iran is Shia, Saudi Arabia is Sunni and extremely dangerous Wahabi...and the Saudi's and Iranians fucking hate each other to death. As oppressive religious regimes, they are both fucking horrible.

Enter the USA into the fray. It supports the corrupt Saudis, and sanctions against Iran. Just to ensure the bets are properly hedged, Israel is given "special favour"...and that's why the Middle East is the mess it is. The US has cleverly exploited old religious hatreds and mistrust and made the whole darn p[lace WORSE.

SO NEXT STOP: S.E. ASIA. What better way than to go and upset China. In tow, the US has it's 2 stanchest allies: the Brits and the Aussies to kwai lan some more with the Chinese.

So yeah, America, The State, always "wins". Yankee Doodle will Diddle your culture, fuck up your cuntry and put in corrupt puppet governments...then open the doors so that McDonalds, Google, Boeing, Goldman Sachs can come in and fuck your culture all over again.

b said...

The white pagan that sucked the shewolf guys knew at some point that christianity is the true religion, adopted it and attained civilization that surpassed others. They sent one guy to invent islam and polluted west asia with it to divide and rule and depopulate. They sent another guy to invent communism and polluted cnr with it to divide and rule and depopulate. Unfortunately the good nature non whites are so easily taken in by their invented bullshits and endure years of sufferings. Jesus is the way and know your enemy.

Anonymous said...


Trump is big mouth Nato. No action talk only. Its time to instruct South Koreans to start the military drills with Japanese troops joining as biggest on earth.

North Korea needs fire more missiles to show Trump they are capable of inflicting harm.

Trump s phase two should include blockage to disable North Korean ships to dock.

Have war this year and start the drills now. Whoever loses the war sign the peace treaty and pack up. Have the next Vietnam in Asia for Koreans to celebrate new year in 2019.

Anonymous said...

The rebel armed groups controlling the region are hardcore Salafist militants with ideologies not unlike that of the jihadists of Islamic State.

The militants have long been launching regular attacks on the government-controlled regions of the area, including residential areas of Damascus.

Civilians were hurt on both sides, but somehow only those living under ‘rebel’ control have merited coverage from Western media.

Anonymous said...

India Naval Exercises Making China a Target Inflame Tensions With Beijing

India will host navies from at least 16 countries for an eight-day naval exercise in March "in the backdrop of China's growing military posturing in the Indo-Pacific region," Press Trust of India (PTI) news agency reported.

The 16 nations include SINGAPORE, Australia, Malaysia, Maldives, Mauritius, Myanmar, New Zealand, Oman, Vietnam, Thailand, Tanzania, Sri Lanka,Bangladesh, Indonesia, Kenya and Cambodia, PTI reported, citing Indian Navy spokesman Captain DK Sharma.

Navy chiefs of participating countries are likely to discuss China's military maneuvers in the South China Sea during the coming event in March, PTI said.

China should "be prepared for a military response at the same time to any unreasonable provocation," said Hu Zhiyong, a research fellow at the Institute of International Relations of the Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences. "Now it's possible that the conflict between China and India will extend beyond land to the sea," Hu said.

KP said...

From such a development of coordinated military activities of 16 nations led by India, China has better wake up.

Other than the US, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan and UK, China has now to prepare to face challenges from these 16 nations collectively. Therefore, there is no choice for China to just playing second fiddlr to the US as the only Super Power in the World.

China has to go all out to be the leading Super Power, excelling in all fields of human endeavours - from Land, Sea, Air to Outer Space - in the military, technical, scientific, medical, R & D, innovation, invention, discovery, financial, commercial, trade, business, cultural, social, political, psychological, paranormal and mystical.

Virgo49 said...

Some of these Traitorous Countries which China had used their monies and expertise to help their economies had ganged up aagainst her.

That's why the saying : Feed a dog better than feed the human scoundrels is very apt.

The dogs still show their love for you.

Humans turned round and bite you.

b said...

IMHO , 16 nations led by India is a recipe for disaster - different culture, different languages, different strategies etc. Europe should just be nicer to russia. Without russia, china is difficult to do it alone. Europe can buy gas from russia rather than bombing the arabs for their heating. Its a balance of power to stay in peace.