Widespread sanctions are evil and must not be allowed


SINGAPORE (Reuters) - Singapore's foreign minister spoke out on Tuesday about "alarming developments" in Myanmar but said he did not support widespread sanctions on the country in response to a coup there as these could hurt ordinary citizens....

Imposing broad sanctions against Myanmar would hurt its population, where poverty was rife, Balakrishnan said, adding he had conveyed this point in discussions with Western counterparts, including Germany.   Vivian Balakrishnan in Yahoo News

Countries that imposed indiscriminate widespread sanctions on a country are more evil and irresponsible than the country they imposed sanctions on. The people of North Korea, Iran, Cuba, Venezuela and many others in Latin America, Africa and Asia are still living in poverty because of the evil Americans and the wicked West imposing sanctions on them, some for several decades, leading to poverty and immense suffering of the people that are innocent and did not have anything to do with their govts. Further, every country has a right to choose their own system of govt and this is not an excuse to impose widespread sanctions on them. Communism is as good as Democracy if well managed for the good of the people. Democracy is more evil than Communism if practised for the benefits of the few elites.  The bottom line on good and evil is not ideology but evil men in charge.

The evil Americans are responsible for the millions of people living in poverty in countries sanctioned by them by their wicked lies and for political reasons.  When is the UN going to stand up for these suffering people? When is the UN going to stand up against the evil American Empire and stop them from destroying the lives and economies of nation states?

Reckless indiscriminate sanctions like what the Americans have done to Cuba, North Korea, Venezuela. Iran and many other countries are evil to the core. It affects the entire population that had nothing to do with the political leaders or politics. The evil Americans must be stopped from their cruel and wicked acts to impoverish hundreds of millions of people around the world. They are going to include Myanmese as their next target.

To the evil Americans, they have been waiting eagerly for this opportunity to exert their imperial agenda to control Myanmar and to raise tension in the region, meaning wars and more business for their war industry. The main purpose of their dominance is to control and abuse the world, inciting wars and making every country fighting and killing each other, economy destabilised and dysfunctional and at the mercy of the Americans.

While some Asean countries are opening their big mouth to shout at Myanmar, they should also shout at the Americans and the West from imposing nation wide sanctions against the people of Myanmar.  They should raise this at the UN and remove all the wicked sanctions against other countries imposed by the evil Americans. The aggressive behaviour and gangsterism of the Americans cannot be condoned and cannot be allowed to be repeated in Myanmar. 

Look at what they did in Iraq, Syria and Libya! Keep the evil Americans out of other countries' domestic affairs. Tell the Americans to save themselves first from the Covid19 pandemic and the racial division in their own country.

Do not allow the Americans to use this as an excuse to destroy the lives of the Myanmese and turn the Asean region into another hotbed of wars, instability and white terrorism.


1984 George Orwell said...

It is time the rest of the world impost Sanctions on Americans and avoid trading and doing business with the evil Whites. Also, ostracise USA and UK personnel. Stop allowing them into your country.

Anonymous said...

Sanctions are evil and have been used for almost sixty long years against Cuba.

The world knows that sanctions affect the common people more than the top leaders. The hope is that the people will suffer and start revolting for a regime change, always with the hidden hand of the CIA involved. If such action is not against human rights, the world must be blind.

So, what has the UN, Human Rights Group have to say during those six decades of US sanctions against many countries? Rather than taking action against the evil deeds, the UN has been used as the rubber stamp for carrying out such sanctions by the 'Coalition of the willing'. How absurd is that?

Anonymous said...

500,000 American COVID-19 deaths is USA's karma.

Anonymous said...

China has imposed sanctions against Trump cronies.

But for the whole world to do that is quite impossible, because small countries, under the threat of sanctions by the US themselves, are unwilling or afraid to do anything, and just bow their heads in shameful obedience to the evil empire.

That can only change when the US$ Hegemony is ended. It will take a monumental effort, but China and Russia have started rolling the ball.

Trade between China and Russia have grown to more than 50% being done in their own currency, bypassing the US$. The massive US$400 billion trade deal signed between Iran and China will be in the form of Iranian Oil for Chinese investments in Iran, a barter trade to be precise. China and the EU will possibly be using the Euro and Yuan in the coming years for their trade.

It looks like decoupling between China and the US is smoothly taking shape.

Anonymous said...

Silly Americans are still threatening China that if China wants to trade with the US, China must accept all the silly unequal rules and threats of the US. These idiots forget to ask which is the bigger market now and if the US wants to trade with China, it would also have to play be China's rules.

Now see who is bigger and can exert bigger pressure. China can also boot out all American businesses from the Chinese market. As it is, many of the IT and semi conductor companies like Qualcomm are feeling the pinch with revenue from China falling massively.

Every American action will now be replied with an equal Chinese action. Both can play the ass kicking game now.

Anonymous said...

The EU is breaking away from the Americans and all their trades would be in Euros or Yuan. And China would be finding substitutions from other countries to by pass the US and 5 eyes countries.

The demand for American dollars will fall rapidly and the Empire will go down on its knees. It is happening. EU China trade is huge. China's buying of oil and gas from Russia and Iran is huge. Eu buying oil and gas from Russia and Iran is huge.

Bye bye America.

Anonymous said...

500,000 American COVID-19 deaths is USA's karma.

If God wants to punish the evil Americans, their vaccines would turn into a bigger nightmare instead of a cure for Covid19.

Crazy little Johnson is following the American footstep, desperately wanting to lift the lockdowns when the spread of the virus is gaining speed with every little excuse or signs of improvement.

Both the UK and US would be finished before the year is over.

Anonymous said...

Trade between the 15 countries under the RCEP is about a third of total world trade. Added to that, trade between the EU and China deal is also about a third of total world trade.

How much is trade going to be between the countries along the BRI, with Russia, Iran and many African countries?

All these combined can easily replace the US$600 billion or so of US/China trade.

Moreover, China is encouraging domestic demand and with a population of 1.4 billion, that can also be huge. That can mitigate a large proportion of their production capacity needing overseas markets.

Well, the US can still trade among the 5 eyes, Japan and UK. Agriculture products from US can go to Australia and vice versa. Carrying coal to Newcastle?

Anonymous said...

The evil 5 eyes countries would end up being isolated by the rest of the world.

SSO said...

The most evil and greatest violators of human rights are USA and UK. Period.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately many silly unthinking coloured people still think the whites are angels.

1984 George Orwell said...

Total deaths due to Covid-19 infections in the US, with the blessings and compliments from Ex-president Donald Trump, has exceeded 500,000.

Total US deaths during World War 2 was only 419,400.

Anonymous said...

China’s foreign minister Wang Yi tells Washington: “A good-mannered gentleman never thrusts his knife and fork into the food on someone else’s plate”.

Anonymous said...

Nevertheless, all this does suggest the beginning of the end of the expansive sanctions regime that came into its own after September 11, one that was used against Russia, Venezuela, and Iran, and which then flowered under the Obama and Trump administrations. Very soon, U.S. power will have to lean much more on export controls and on the diminishing relative heft of the U.S. economy.


Anonymous said...

The Five Eyes Alliance has become a racist gang that promotes hegemonism in the world.

Their total population is less than 40% of China's, but they want to dominate the world. The reviving Chinese civilization is the nemesis of their hegemonism.

1984 George Orwell said...

But according to US President Joke Biden,he said that the half million deaths is more than WW1, WW2 and Vietnam War combined. That was an overly exaggerated comparison that immediately discredited knowledge and his speech.

Anonymous said...

What can you expect of sleepy Joe? His IQ is only higher than two ex US Presidents, clown Trump and George Bush the lesser.

Anonymous said...

Sleepy Joe is talking only about the deaths of US military personnel during the two world wars. The millions of deaths they inflicted worldwide are not USA citizens and does not matter, just collateral damage as always.

Does the deaths of millions of Red Indians from genocides committed by the Whites matter? Of course not. And they talk of violation of human rights at Tiananmen, in Xinjiang, and the Rohingya issue as if these are holocaust events, towering over the genocides of the Red Indians, which is never mentioned by them. This is really the 'Mother of all Hypocrisies'.

Anonymous said...

The circus has already started again in the USA. This is expected. The next four years will be a repeat of the last four years. The popularity contest aka the US Presidential election is just starting come 2024.

On social media, anti-Joe Biden videos are circulating. The wheel has come full circle, just a repeat and a reverse of the last four years, with Republican supporters digging holes in the Democratic administration.

Trump is plotting revenge and if he survives the suits he is fighting now, Democrats better beware of the vindictiveness of this man. Those Republicans who supported his impeachment better be on their guard.

Another show, another four years of soapbox drama, another slap on the face for democracy.

Anonymous said...

The world better be prepared for another USA President in the USA liable to press the wrong button. We were all afraid, four years ago, that Trump may do the un-imaginable, in his moment of madness, by pressing the button to start a nuclear war. In his initial spat with Kim he was threatening to bomb North Korea to the dark ages. Thankfully, love conquers all.

Now, we are not too sure whether Sleepy Joe will do the same in his moment of sleep walking or forgetfulness. From the frying pan into the fire they used to say.

Let all these people migrate to Mars as early as possible to save the world. They can press whatever buttons they like over there. Against the Martians if they like.