Containing China is mission impossible

Any attempt to contain China is “mission impossible”, the country’s defence ministry warned the US on Thursday, as the Biden administration works to shore up its Asian alliances against Beijing.

Military tensions between the two superpowers worsened under former US President Donald Trump, who adopted an aggressive stance on regional flashpoints such as Taiwan and the South China Sea. AFP

The evil rogue American Empire is at it again, trying to control and contain the rise of China. This evil Empire has been in this game since it became the number one super power after WW2.  It went about building military alliances to contain the growth of the USSR and communist countries with NATO, CENTO and SEATO, to encircle the USSR, China, Vietnam and North Korea. It was successful in bringing down and breaking up the Soviet Union in 1991.

This evil Empire does not believe in peaceful co existence. Countries are either with them or against them. And to be with them, countries must accept the Empire and adopt its form of fake democracy and fake human rights that it did not practise in homeland USA. Historically and factually, the USA is the biggest violator of human rights and the practitioner of fake democracy. Just ask what happened to the native Americans and the blacks and coloured people in the USA, even today with the whites killing the blacks freely as if it is a right.

Many countries are forced into abject poverty by the sanctions and containment of the evil American Empire, not allowed to participate in international trade, forced into isolation, and this evil country could claim that these victimised countries chose to isolate themselves from the international community.

Countries like North Korea, Cuba, Iran, now Venezuela and several Latin American countries and Asian and African countries are still locked out of the international trading system by this evil Empire.

Why can't this evil Empire just let other countries to live the way they want, choose their own leaders and political and economic system? Did not this evil Empire talk about freedom of choice, freedom to elect their leaders in what they called democracy?

Why can't this evil Empire just spend its money and resources to build a better country, a better system and a better life for its people and those they chose to adopt its way of life and political system and let others choose their own if different from the evil Empire? Would it not be better to do their best in creating a better system for the rest of the world to admire and to choose instead of sending their warships and soldiers everywhere to fight wars of oppression and kill innocent people and destroy countries that did not want to follow the rogue American way?

The evil Empire has been conducting wars of oppression and destruction since the end of WW2 till now and not stopping. And it claims to be a free country, a protector of democracy and freedom of choice and human rights when it is doing everything against these ideals?

What is wrong with China choosing its own economic and political system? China is not forcing any country to be like China and not imposing its system on the rest of the world. China is actually practising freedom of choice, respecting the rights of countries to be free and to choose their own political and economic system unlike the hypocritical evil American Empire that do not allow others the freedom to choose.

Stop the white lies and let the rest of the world be free to be what they want, to choose how to run their countries and manage their economies. Stop the wars, stop the oppression, sanctions, isolation of countries that do not want the evil American ways.

China is showing the rest of the world that there are alternative ways, alternative path to economic prosperity for its people.  China's rise is not through wars or conquest or killings like what the western powers did, like what this evil American Empire is doing, wars, wars and killing and more killings. The Americans would destabilise countries to keep them in trouble, dysfunctional and poor.

The Chinese way is a better way, but China is not forcing anyone to choose. It is the evil American Empire that is forcing every country to choose. And those that chose not to go the American way would be crushed. This is how pretentious, how hypocritical and how deceitful the Americans are. Free world, free to choose? My foot!

The evil American way is the way to destruction like what they forced upon the Middle Eastern countries, and the poverty they imposed on those countries they sanctioned and locked out from the international community and world trade. The American way is about oppressing and suppressing others from becoming better. Instead of competing to become better, it seeks to destroy others to preserve its dominance over others. They are the warmongers, the trouble makers of the world.

Countries of the world can choose to follow the evil Americans into more wars and more death and destruction, or to follow China to grow their economies for the betterment of their people.

PS.  Look at how the evil Empire is containing the export of vaccines to the rest of the world that it preaches to protect... It is all about their own interest, America First, Covid19 vaccines only for the Americans, not for the rest of the world. Are the dummies listening?

The war to get vaccines for their own people is getting hot with Europe being left out, with the bulk of the vaccines going to Americans and Brits. The European countries are getting very angry and impatient and have turned to Russian and Chinese vaccines. Any vaccines that work is ok, now that their chances of getting the American and British vaccines is slipping away.


Anonymous said...

Chinese vaccines leading the charge against Covid19

Inside the dome of Belgrade's concrete fair hall, dozens of nurses in hazmat suits inject Covid-19 shots into young and old alike, working with an efficiency that has turned Serbia into continental Europe's fastest vaccinator.

The small Balkan country has inoculated more than 450,000 of its population of seven million in almost two weeks, a rate that exceeds all other states in Europe apart from Britain, according to the scientific publication Our World in Data.

One key difference is that most of the vials are filled with a vaccine made by Chinese pharmaceutical giant Sinopharm....

When registering for an appointment, Serbs can tick off their vaccine of choice -- the Pfizer/BioNtech, Sputnik V and Sinopharm jabs are currently on the menu.

Yet it is the latter Chinese-made vaccine that is making up the lion's share of injections after Serbia received a one-million-dose shipment in mid-January that kicked off its mass immunisation campaign....

Apart from the batch of Chinese-made jabs, the Balkan country has also imported over 30,000 Pfizer/BioNtech vaccines and 40,000 Russian Sputnik V shots....

Dragana Milosevic, a Serbian doctor helping lead the vaccination in Belgrade's fair hall, says they have been injecting up to 2,000 citizens daily with the jab without a hitch.

"There have been absolutely no side effects so far," she said. Yahoo News

Anonymous said...

As Washington pressurizes the Europeans for a common U.S.-EU policy to contain China, French President Emmanuel Macron and German Chancellor Angela Merkel on Friday said the EU should maintain its strategic autonomy and has its own policy towards China.

Macron said European sovereignty means "the power to decide our choice by ourselves and not to be in a strategy of alignment with anyone."

"We have already made a step in this direction with the investment agreement with China. I think the EU should have its own policy vis-a-vis China," said Merkel.

The two leaders made the remarks when asked to comment on U.S. President Joe Biden's first foreign policy speech, in which he called China his country's "most serious competitor."

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Countries of the world should be free from the bullying, sanctions and oppression of the evil Empire whose agenda is war, containment and oppression of countries that do not want to be controlled by the evil Empire.

European countries have had it enough and are setting themselves on a path of freedom, free from oppressive domination and dictates of the evil Empire. Free to decide what is good or bad for them and free to be independent countries. Free from being subservient to the rogue Americans.

This is a good example the EU is showing to the world. Set yourself free from the evil Empire, free from wars and confrontation, free to trade and to choose one's way of life and to live in peace.

Under the evil warmongering American Empire, it is all about wars and making enemies and being bullied, threatened and oppressed in the fake name of freedom and American interests. To the evil warmongering and trouble making Americans, every country's rise and prosperity is claimed as a threat to the evil Empire's prosperity and must be crushed ie the evil American Empire is the real threat of the world, not the other way round.

Time for the rest of the world to break free from the stranglehold of the evil Americans. See the truth of evils in the American way and set yourself free.

SSO said...

Yet Singapore banana Leeders are getting themselves more and more entrenched with the Evil US Hegemonic Empire, an offshoot from the Evil UK Land-Grabbing and Murderous Criminal Of The World.

Anonymous said...

The white supremacist Americans would call anyone a threat if he is better or getting richer than the Americans, or have a better idea to be successful.

What kind of shit narrative is this? No one can be better, richer and more successful than the racist white Americans?

Who are the stupid people in the world that accepted this kind of shit thinking as a justifiable reason to go to war with another country?

Anonymous said...

Singapore is one one them, the Deviant of Ostrich mentality. Followed closely by Japan the Mass Murderer of Asia, South Korea the Addict of American Culture and Taiwan the Spineless Traitor of Chinese Civilisation. And if course, Australia which is a part of the Evil Whitemen Supremacists Gang.

Anonymous said...

Hate crimes against Asia Americans are rising. This is in tandem with what the USA Government wants. It is happening not only in USA but also in Australia, one of the other evil eye.

Whites in China are enjoying a relatively racist free lifestyle, moving about freely at all times of the day, knowing they will not be attacked by Chinese. Let us hope this continues in spite of the happenings in USA and Australia. The opium war turned the Chinese against the Whites and Japanese, uniting both the Communist and Nationalist.

The West, particularly the USA and UK have painted China as the perennial bad guys, but over the decades the world realised who really is the evil state - starting wars, imposing sanctions that killed and caused undue misery to the citizens of those countries that do not follow their dictates. Even the EU, their closest ally, is not spared.

Sadly, no small country dared to protest against the actions of the USA, seeing what happened to Iraq and Libya. Not even the UN, or the so called human rights organisation managed a squeak to condemn the USA, for fear of being targeted with hate propaganda and financial support by the White supremacists.

The evil empire has to be brought down, dismantled, divided up into smaller entities to curtail their evil agenda against the whole world. It is a tall order, knowing it will resists by all means available, including preventing China from rising. That intention is an exercise in futility.

The first step to bring down the evil empire would be to get the whole world less dependent on the US$. That is a tall order also, but slowly chipping away might do the trick. Already Russia and China are doing trade in their own currencies, all 50% of it, and hopefully the EU, in it's economic tie up with China, will use more of the Euro than the US$. Weaning the world away from fossil fuel to clean energy like electric vehicles, and less dependent on oil, mandated to be traded in US$, will marginalise it's usage.

Anonymous said...

China had be isolated for decades from participating in many fields of science and technology.

China had been forbidden from the International Space Station, so China went on their own steam and now have their own space station. In this, the USA cannot claim that China stole their space station technology, since they were totally outlawed against participating in the White's space program. So, where does the stealing come from?

Similarly, China even surpassed the USA and the West in other developments, most prominently in AI, 5G, Infrastructure developments like high speed railways, bridges, dams and anti desertification projects. And not to forget the lifting of more than 800 millions Chinese out of the poverty trap.

On the other hand, homelessness and poverty is spreading fast in major US cities, with wealth more and more concentrated in the hands of the 1%. It is a failed system of fake democracy, mothing into Plutocracy or the ruling of the poor by the super rich. This is the discreet and insidious process evolving over the decades after WW2, slowly but painfully becoming more evident in plain sight.

Anonymous said...

It all makes sense. The COVID19 was designed by the Whites to kill coloured people. Would they make available their vaccines to coloured people to save them? Of course not.

SSO said...

It is time China counter the Western mass media of evil Anti-Chinese propaganda
by establishing more News Media for world audiences, instead of confining to the present few that are meant for Chinese audiences.

China must come out with News Media like BBC, CNN, CNBC, Washington Post, New York Times, Fox News, ABC, etc. in English, and also translate them to cater for the Arabic and Asian audiences.

China's propaganda machine cannot remain as internal. It has to go international. This is of utmost importance.

Anonymous said...

UK regulator revokes license of China Global Television Network. What is their motive?

CGTN is a good counter to the Western Media and see how the West is trying to prevent them reporting and educating the people of the West of the real China and dispel the fake propaganda of the Western Media. CGTN is obviously gaining some ground, hitting where it hurts, and it alarmed the UK Government.

The West practices freedom of expression? Believe in what you want to believe!

SSO said...

Dubai, The Netherlands and South Africa are now paying the heavy price for opening up too early for tourism.

Singapore will be next in line, soon. Very soon. Just watch.

Anonymous said...

The WHO team now in Wuhan just stated that the COVID19 did not originate from Wuhan but from somewhere else. Wuhan wet market was just the right place for the virus to spread. The Wuhan biological facility, where experiments were carried out, was said to have perfect safety measures and impossible for the virus to be leaked.

Now, what do they mean by Wuhan wet market was just the right place for the virus to spread. And who found that out, the right place and the right time before the lunar new year?

Now, we do not have to wait long for the West to belittle the WHO again, because this is obviously not what they want to hear.

Anonymous said...

Singapore Happily Importing COVID-19 diseased foreigners into the country like no tomorrow.

Saturday (6 February) MOH newly detected 26 COVID-19 diseased persons. All were happily and willingly imported.

Sunday (7 February) MOH again detected another 24 COVID-19 diseased persons. 23 of them are newly, happily and wilfully imported. 1 case is from the community.

Totally, this weekend only 50 COVID-19 diseased persons have been DETECTED, and therefore REPORTEDLY REPORTED.

Common sense tells us that those who have been infected but went undetected have not and will not be reported.

That's why we are so happy and willing to import more and more COVID-19 diseased persons into the country in order to make ourselves more happy, as our leaders can laugh all the way to their banks every month.

SSO said...

The Devil did not and will not promote the Words of God. They sold the Words of Gods like selling an insurance policy. The Natives bought those Words of God and became God-Fearing. The price the Natives paid to the Devil in exchange for the Words of God was their lives, their women, their children,
their treasures and their homelands.

This is the same concept employed by the Serpent that convinced Eve to eat the fruit from the Tree of "Knowledge". After taking a bite, Eve was bought and all her future generations have to suffer for the rest of time, forever.

Anonymous said...

If one wants to know more about the evils done by the Whites, one has to go to sites like RT, Aljazeera or CGTN etc to know the truth. No Western media would ever tell the truth. They only lie and propagate the untruth. We have witnessed it, thanks to social media - seeing Iraq destroyed by Western lies. Now they are doing the same thing to China, Iran and Russia.

Anonymous said...

What about CNA?

Anonymous said...

What's that? Channel News America?

1984 George Orwell said...

Singapore Is A Blessed Country

Singapore is so blessed! Not joking. Why?

1. Don't have to fear the Lawless States of America using the CIA to bribe the leaders into becoming stooges of the Evil Empire or initiate a regime change.

2. Don't have to fear China and the Chinese people meddle in the country's internal affairs or take over the country.

3. Don't have to worry about the military launching a military coup to topple the government like in Indonesia, Myanmar and Thailand. The military is already running the country for the past 17 years!

4. Also don't have to worry about having insufficient talents amongst the local population. All she has to do is to sign an agreement with India to import more and more degree-mills produced quickie talents (ability to get 7 certificates in six days without having to study and sit for exams - someone sits on their behalf) from India, the country that is so blessed with countless talented rapists, and corrupted police that helped covered up the rapists and their crimes, and with incomparable tongue-twisting smooth talkers.

5. Also don't need to worry that there is not enough Covid-19 infected people in the country. All she has to do is to open her legs wide-wide and invite the CECA Foreigners from India to bring in more and more of their Covid-19 infected fathers, mothers, in-laws, children and workers into Singapore to take away the jobs and occupy the houses of the local Singaporeans.

6. And if necessary, there is really no need to worry about the non-Chinese not becoming Prime Minister because the non-Chinese are already holding the highest office in the land, ie. the Presidency. On top of that, the non-Chinese are holding key and crucial ministerial posts, such as the Home Affairs Minister, the Foreign Affairs Minister, the Law Minister, as well as the Chief Justice, Treasury Chief, and the national bank DBS Chief, and the President of the Law Society.

7. Over and above that, Singapore can also easily import foreigners to become Ministers and to fill other crucial top positions in both the public and private sectors, without the need to do much searching, soul searching.

8. Also Singapore can sell away her strategic national assets such as the power stations and still not worry a single bit because she can buy power from Malaysia, just like buying water from Malaysia too. And don't need to worry about being held ransom by the nice and friendly Malaysia government.

See? How blessed Singapore is?

1984 George Orwell - February 2021.

Anonymous said...

Ya. Is that a good channel?

Anonymous said...

6.47 am Anon:

Those are facts. What fool others are you talking cock? You are the one who is dangerous, asshole bandit.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Just ignore that twit. He needs to earn his 50c per post.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

The warmongering Americans are trying to hammer another silly Coalition of the Unwilling against China but was chased out of he door by the Europeans. No more American dictatorship over the Europeans and the rest of the world.

Now even sleepy Joe thinks he is the Emperor of the Evil American Empire and wanted to send American soldiers into Myanmar. They tried that in 2003, with the insertion of some Special Ops and were rounded up by the PLA. China then issued army uniforms to all the Military Police, turned them into soldiers, and were prepared to send them into Myanmar should the Americans send in their soldiers. The Americans backed off.

China is telling the Americans not to enter Myanmar or risk a war with China. As long as no silly crony countries, other than the 5 evil eyes countries, is willing to send troops into Myanmar, the evil Americans would not dare to do so. Asean is now wiser, I hope, and not be a silly prick again, to join the warmongering Americans to kill Myanmese.

Anonymous said...

To the evil warmongering Americans, everyday they are thinking of wars to support their military war complex and economy.

War is their business, making weapons, selling weapons, killing people, destroying economies etc etc.

They forget there is another kind of wars that does not need weapons. Covid19.

This they have no answer and now looking foolish grabbling with a runaway problem, uncontrollable. No amount of nuclear weapons and aircraft carriers, cruise missiles, soldiers, trillions of dollars of defence budget, all useless.

Anonymous said...

There is only one way for USA to control the COVID19 virus. Nuke themselves.

Now, does anyone need convincing that Biden is just as bad as Trump? Democrats are even worse war mongers, more cruel and heartless than Republicans. Truman took the USA into the Korean War, Kennedy and Johnson ignited the Vietnam War. Obama and Biden created many wars in the Middle East. Republicans were responsible for the Iraq war.

The atrocities they committed all over the world, the use of biological weapons in Vietnam and Syria, the death and destruction are all still evident in Vietnam. But few Americans, least of all the world, took notice because of cover up by the US Government with the complicity of their MSM. It took contributors to social media to expose all those evil deeds. Covering up is now impossible, while countering their lies is increasing.

Another war will come either with Iran or China. But one war they cannot have their say is the current war against COVID19. They are still 'gung ho' holding sports events with thousands of spectators with some participants and spectators without mask. This is suicidal with the virus mutating and getting more infectious with each new strain.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

The initiative for the Covid19 war is not in the hands of the Americans. The Americans could start other wars and stop them when they wanted to. The Covid19 war they are totally helpless, and losing and having more deads than any war they have fought.

And the number of dead is growing, still counting, now 463,339 as on 8 Feb.

Anonymous said...

With two wars without victory in Asia, i.e. a stalemate in the Korean Peninsula and a defeat in South Vietnam, and the loss of more than a hundred thousand soldiers, the USA should be wary of what is in store in Myanmar. With the support of South Vietnamese troops during the Vietnam War, they still could not carve out a victory with their superior firepower, what support can they expect in Myanmar? Certainly not from the Myanmar Military? China is a close ally of Myanmar and their support is total as in the Korean and Vietnam war.

Would the people of Myanmar relish a war in their country? At what price are they going to pay for democracy, looking at the situation in Iraq. Democracy did not bring a better life for the people of Iraq, with more sectorial violence, lacking a controlling figure to stamp down the fighting for power and control, while the USA does little but keep on stealing it's resources.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

The American elites do not care about winning or losing. The people that died would be the Myanmese or the people they invaded, and the poor Americans.

Their benefits are more revenue for the military war complex. More weapons expended, more demand for replacement, more money for the pockets of the rich.

Anonymous said...

The selfish Americans have vaccinated more than 41m of their kinds when the rest of the world could not even vaccinate 10m! This is what they meant by wanting to share the vaccines with the world and to help the rest of the world.

REUTERS: The United States has administered 41,210,937 doses of COVID-19 vaccines as of Sunday (Feb 7) morning and distributed 59,307,800 doses, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said.

Anonymous said...

They wanted to wipe out the non Whites with COVID19. Why would they want to share their vaccines to save them?

Hopefully people like Bolsonaro wakes up to reality.

Anonymous said...

The USA only shares their weapons with the world, not their vaccines. Obsolete ones of course. And not for free one, but must pay hor. If cannot afford, the USA, World Bank and IMF are there to offer loans. If cannot repay, just allow the USA to have a base to station troops will do, to protect and serve.

A win win situation in every sense of the word.

Anonymous said...

Trump is said to have his own 'Office of the Former President' and running it. Didn't know such an office exists in the USA.

Oh well, Red Dot had our own Harban Singh, who claimed that he already had his own shadow cabinet ready to take over the Government, even though he has yet to win a single seat.

Those were the days! Singh did spice up the elections then, but many believe he was paid by you know who to make the opposition look foolish. Ever wonder why he was never sued despite his frivolous claims against one you know who?