Chinese New Year Celebration in China - No mask required!



China is the only country that has kept Covid19 under control and could go about their lives normally, celebrating Chinese New Year 2021 like no other country could, after missing such a celebration in 2020, the year that Covid19 was sinisterly planted into Wuhan to destroy the celebration and joy of 1.4b people. This year China did everything it could to return to normal, to live life normally, without the need for masks, to celebrate the Spring Festival and welcoming a new year, the Year of the Ox.

Above is one of 4 parts of CCTV production to welcome the new year. Because of the abundance of talents, a one hour programme was just not enough to show case the Chinese talents. A 4 hour show is normal in China today.

This production was broadcast to 173 countries to share the joy and happiness of a civilisation in celebration. The well being of Chinese people in China did not come easy and the oppressive and hate China hate Chinese West are still throwing all kinds of obstacles to block the progress and rise of China.

Below is a pic of old China, in the 1960s. Then, poverty was everywhere. Backwardness was everywhere.

Here are the other 3 parts of the Spring Festival Gala by CCTV.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ac9ADx8CEhA part 2/4

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mAW8AdM2ZZc part 3/4

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=veO8DcF1ITM part 4/4


Anonymous said...

China is now a Great Great Great Bullish Nation. The Rise of this Great Dragon doesn't come easy. Through her many years of being oppressed & trampled upon, this great nation has persevered on and on unknowingly to the many ignorant whites of the Western World. Indeed the Dragon of the East has awaken and rise to an epic success in many areas much to the envy of the West. All Chinese in this world be in mainland Chinese or Overseas Chinese Ox (ought) to be proud and stay united. May I wish This Great Nation of China & all Chinese Happy Ox-picious Lunar 牛(Niu) Year & BULL BULL Gao Sheng (步步高升)。

Anonymous said...

I agreed totally but many in taiwan and hk are too dumb to realise this

SSO said...

Many in Singapore, especially the Bananas, are too stupidly westernized that they refuse to admit and accept that China was, is and will always be a Great Nation and the Chinese Civilisation will always be the Shinning Light of a 6,000 Years Old and Still Existing and Living Civilisation.

Anonymous said...

Nevermind about them they will wake up and come into realization one day.

Anonymous said...

Look at our local CNA reports; quite bias against China. G must becareful of what peoples are employed there. Happy Lunar New year became happy moo moo years.Moo here, moo there isn't funny.

Anonymous said...

This is going to make the USA, UK, The West, India, Australia and Taiwan really jealous and angry. Not only did the COVID19 not snuffed out China, it backfired so badly on the Whites that the West is still waging an uncertain battle against the virus, notwithstanding the availability of vaccines.

Ironically, democracy and human rights will be the culprit that will destroy them in the end, with people protesting against measures to control the spread. To them human rights is more important than human existence. How smart are these people that, throughout the centuries, Asians have looked up to them as leaders to be followed. No more!

They may say RB's blog is paid by the Chinese, like Barret, Cyrus Jansen, Gueilo60 and others highlighting the real China by being there.

Anonymous said...

China rise is set to soar even higher as many millions China Chinese were lifted out of poverty under the leadership of Xi Jinping. In the lunar new year speech by Xi Jinping who called on party members and all Chinese people to adopt the 'three cattle spirit' or '3 bulls spirits' (三牛精神) to lift the country into greater heights (be it in the challenges of fighting against Covid-19 or in the areas of science & technology etc), Chinese people be as hardworking as a bull & be able to break new grounds and unafraid to enter into new areas for growth..read this


Anonymous said...

Zhou Ern Lai, Deng Xiao Ping and Xi Jinping are the leaders that have done much to enhance China's rise to what it is today.

Even Lee Kwan Yew had such respect for Deng that he had this to say of him: Deng Xiao Ping was the most impressive person he had ever met in his (LKY's) lifetime. For a person to be admired even by the standards of LKY, says a lot about Deng.

What is Xi's legacy and what will LKY say of him (if Lee is still alive), cannot be less admirable for what he has done to lift hundreds of millions of Chinese citizens out of the poverty trap besides the transformation of China into a modern and technologically advanced country.

The CCP would not have chosen him or give him the mandate to rule if they know he is not capable. Chinese leaders all have to go though a very long and stringent period of testing before rising to the top. Theirs is not a system of choosing who can win the popularity contest and made into instant leaders.

Anonymous said...

U r hit it rite on the Bull's eye pal. Under the Leadership of XinJinping and his comrades nothing stands in their way, any obstacles shall be swiftly bulldozed it away, that's the bull or ox character of the year.

Anonymous said...

Sorry typo error it should be ' Xi Jinping' with due respect to the Leader .

Virgo49 said...

China Sovereignty in 1949 YEAR OF OX.

So OX is a creature than endured hard work and hardships toiling for the PEOPLE.

Likewise China and the Chinese People who are hardworking and toiled and work in anywhere they made their HOMES.

Also, they preferred to live in HARMONY. Unlike other Races who are does not.

For them HARMONY then you can can PEACE, PROSPERITY and HAPPINESS.

But when they are threatened and at the last Resort they would fearlessly defend their dignities which for them are more important than their Lives.

Although according to the Various soothsayers and fortune tellers thatb this year 2021 is not so favorable for the Ox which happened to be their YEAR, the OX will surely rise to overcome any hardships and obstacles in their paths.

Like what's CHINA did even thru the last few cycles of OX Years.