Covid19 - Why USA refuses to accept findings of Wuhan Investigation by WHO

 The Americans would not accept the WHO findings that the virus did not originate from China and cannot accept this for good reasons. If the virus did not come from China, it must come from somewhere else. And if they could not put the blame on China to deflect attention to themselves, to the incident in Fort Detrick, the next move would be an investigation by WHO in Fort Detrick. Die, die, the Americans must put the blame on China to save their own skins and to cover their evil deed. The Americans are behaving like someone who had committed a crime but pointing the finger at the victim of a burglary the Americans committed against the victim. The Americans would not stop asking, for the moment they stop, the attention would turn to them. they would drag this lie on and on, relentlessly, to keep the world from coming after them.

The Americans are now demanding to study the data obtained by WHO in Wuhan. By the way, are they members of WHO? If not, no talk. If they have returned to the fold, pay up all their dues to WHO, or else no talk. China should insist that the Americans provide data on what happened in Fort Detrick and the activities of the American soldiers in Wuhan during the Military Games in exchange.   If not, no way.

WHO must insist that the USA agree to an investigation in Fort Detrick and the activities of the American soldiers that participated in the Wuhan Military Games in September 2019. These must be the terms and conditions for sharing the investigation data with the Americans. Though the lying and cheating and dishonourable Americans may say yes and later refuse to cooperate, it is still necessary to make these conditions and let the Americans prove once again that they are unreliable and dishonest scheming liars if they backed out on their commitments.

After the investigation in Wuhan, it is now for WHO to look at the other conspiracy theories and Fort Detrick is standing up like a sore prick, dripping with Covid19 virus everywhere and all over. WHO cannot stop investigating Fort Detrick and the American soldiers in Wuhan after China acceded to its request to investigate Wuhan based on sinister American allegations.

WHO has to show to China and the world that it handles all cases fairly without discrimination. The more the Americans refused to let WHO conducts its investigation, the more guilty they will look.  The Americans have to stand up and face the investigation squarely if they are innocent, innocent until proven guilty.

WHO's next stop must be Fort Detrick, USA.  All the evidence is pointing there as the origin of the Covid19 Pandemic.


Anonymous said...

This is their standard tactic of finger pointing, make wild allegations or accusations and the victim country would be busily trying to defend themselves and have no time to hit back or look at the crimes committed by the Americans.

It is an endless game of putting pressure to divert any attack on them. Attack is the best defence.

China and WHO should not entertain these criminals and liars. Just ignore them and let them jump around like monkeys in the streets. Do not give them any attention and waste time and resources on their wild demands.

Anonymous said...

Why didn't China go to the UN and WHO to ask them to investigate the Americans in Fort Detrick and the soldiers that were in Wuhan?

Anonymous said...

It was WHO that dismisses the virus that came from the Wuhan Lab. The investigative team also could not confirm if origin of virus was China in which the only Australian in the team dissented. No surprise US rejected the result as Biden did not want to look soft on China. Its all political.Just look at verdict on Trump's impeachment by Congress. Despite mounting evidence that the Orange man was guilty as sinn of high crime, he was let off yet again by his party senators. What a joke the American democratic system is. Shouldn't Trump charged in the Court of Law like all other countries? Look at how their ally S Korea deal with their ex-presidents and even a sitting president who ran foul.

Anonymous said...

This brings me to a real case of a thief who went to steal from a home, stumbled and fell and suffered serious injury. The thief sued the owner of the house for not providing safety measures for him to steal inside the house. How ridiculous can some people be? Whether he won the case or not, I do not know.

The USA cannot let China off, because they must find someone to blame in order to cover their evil agenda. If Fort Detrick takes the fall, it means the virus came from USA. And with that the accusation that the fake USA Military Athletes planting the virus in Wuhan becomes more credible than just a theory.

Now the USA is saying China did not disclose earlier information about the virus nor allowed the WHO team to have access to them. This will be the nail they will continue to hammer, and will eventually come to the stage where the WHO team will never ever set foot in Fort Detrick in their probe. Maybe they are buying time to get rid of all evidence in Fort Detrick.

As reported, Biden cannot be soft on China or he will be given a rope to hang himself. Trump sets the trap and Biden cannot extricate himself. Not to say Biden is any angel himself, but USA politics is no more than competing in a popularity contest. A contest which only the very rich can afford to participate, funded by Wall Street elites hoping to set the agenda.

Anonymous said...

USA currently are not so powerful after all. The US president GE2020 revealed about 90% voter participation. Total number about 150 millions able bodies peoples which are divided into different ages. Mathematically,how are USA able to win China with 1,400 million peoples. Maybe USA got big head sickness which are worst than covid 19.

1984 George Orwell said...

Trump's Acquittal for the second time, protected by Republican politicians whose character has been laid wide open for the whole world to see.

The victims of the Insurrection are also the prosecutors, witnesses, the judges and the jury - all in one. Yet, almost half of the victims played politics instead of doing the right thing.

Therefore, the World should know by now what USA is all about.

USA is not a rule-by-law country but a lawless country.

USA is not a democracy but a hypocrisy.

USA is not about human rights but about might is right.

USA is not what it says it is but what it has done.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Well said. USA is where evil men and women rule.

Speedwing said...

Now I am worried there is a possibility Idiot Trump could make a comeback in 2024. God help us if that happens.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Look at it positively. With Trump free to incite more violence, he has 4 years to do it, the domestic politics of US would be in a state of high tension and possibly driven to the brink of civil war. That would keep Biden very busy and no time to stir shit around the world.

By the time Trump has done his job, the US would be a country divided and at war with each other. That would be something to look forward to. The American economy would be driven to a state of no repair, unable to recover from a pandemic out of control and two sides fighting each other in open warfare.

Anonymous said...

May the farce be with them!

Two attempted impeachments and both failed. This is a joke. Nothing achieved despite all the sound and fury to show the world how USA democracy works. One party subverting the other or vice versa is an indication of disaster in the making.

The USA is sinking into deep shit and still stirring trouble all over the world. Now Trump is still valid for 2024, with even more support, now that their voters have seen how ineffective the Democrats have proven themselves in both impeachment trials, with flimsy arguments that backfired.

But rest assured the show will continue come 2024. It will feature the players on both sides exchanging places playing good versus evil to fool their voters and the world.

Anonymous said...

USA have two parties monopolize political systems. Donkey and elephant take turn to lead USA. It is like ying and yang turning in a taiji cycles spinning on and on for a long times. Leaving USA alone,would see USA run out of energy one day. The beginning of 50 Divided States of America. Seem quite similar to 7 Divided States Of Ancient China Before Christ.

Anonymous said...

Controlling the world means controlling oil. That is why the USA is inciting the fear of clean energy sources like solar, wind and water.

The spinning has been going on a long time already. Solar panels were not cheap and unreliable and accusing China of dumping. Wind energy has not been spared and that windmills are killing the birds. The USA cares about killing of birds, but caring a hoot about killing innocent civilians caught in their endless wars.

Then there are the accusations that dams are environmental disasters, threatening downstream villages livelihood, but never about flood prevention. Lower river waters downstream has never been blamed on receding ice fields that provide the water sources. All because China has been building more dams for energy generation and flood control.

Where there is a threat to USA interest, propaganda will be rolled out and the use of fossil fuel is no exception.

No, the USA will not run out of energy. They have plenty of oil underground, but they choose not to exploit it and instead are trying to exhaust reserves held by others or control them, so that they have total control over oil. They have even enhanced their extraction by fracking, which is causing environmental disasters at home.

But they never did figure out that one day, fossil fuel may not be the major energy source driving the world. China is near to creating even an artificial sun.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

China already succeeded in creating an artificial sun. Next is to commercialise it and application to benefit mankind.

China now also able to create rain in a big scale that can cover the size of a Chinese province.

China is now moving ahead in the 4th Industrial Revolution.

Anonymous said...

Understand the USA is experimenting with 6G and so does China.

If China cannot push ahead of the USA and the USA happens to be ahead in 6G, I can bet the USA will accuse China of stealing their technology.

This was what was happening during the early days of vaccine development. Fortunately, China's vaccine development is diametrically different from the USA formula, so the accusation of hacking into their research papers to steal their formula is all fabricated hogwash.

Anonymous said...

They don't even have 5G and want to work on 6G?