Truth Hurts: The Pathetic, Programmed Singaporeans

 Truth Hurts: The Pathetic, Programmed Singaporeans

Singapore kids are drilled day in day out from Play School to K1 and K2, from Primary 1 to Primary 6, from Secondary 1 to Secondary 5, from ITE to Polytechnic, from Junior College to University, from National Service to Reservists to become Obedient Dumb-Asses, unable to think by themselves for themselves without guidance and instructions from somebody above them.

India's kids are taught and trained from very young by their parents, teachers, peers and the corrupted environment to learn to survive and flourish under difficult and disadvantaged situations at all times and against all odds. Learning how to talk their way out of any situation, in order to get what they want, is the foremost requirement in their life-long learning criteria.

Singaporean kids have been systematically and subtly groomed to become daft and idiotic for at least 20 years of their early lives. Equipped with a string of deficiencies - serious lack of critical thinking ability, lack of survival instinct and lack of fighting spirit, always obey the authority and not allowed to protest - Singaporeans are doomed to fail in the competitive job markets locally and elsewhere, made more difficult by government's treacherous open-legs policies.

Growing up afraid of this and afraid of that, a Singapore child becomes by default a kiasu and kiasi young adult when he turns 21 years old. Learning to obey the Authority without question is their life-long learning

Therefore, when Election time comes, he or she will obediently and cowardly vote to retain the party in Authority, in power, to give him or her guidance and instructions like a slave receiving orders from his/her Master. By now, if he/she has no guidance and instructions, he/she simply don't know what to say and don't know what to do. He/she has become a human robot, except that it needs eat, shit and get screwed.

Accustomed, groomed and trained to be a human robotic machine, a young Singapore adult, that is unable to protest, will simply and obediently suffer in silence.

Take a look at their social media pages and blogs such as RB's, TOC and TRE, you will know that only a small handful of Singaporeans have shown interests in the political development in this country. This distinctly shows that Singaporeans are unable to voice political conviction or disinterested in participating in the process of running the country, allowing their lives to be run over and under by the ruling elites.

This is the pathetic and tragic state of affairs for Singapore and Singaporeans. Until and unless this systemic social engineering psychological programme is stopped and reversed, Singapore and Singaporeans will continue to go down the rabbit hole in this created surreal Alice Wonderland, a socially-engineered Dreamland full of hidden oversized creatures which are devious, hungry and vicious.

May God have mercy upon us!

SSO - 18 February 2021.


SSO said...

The situation in Singapore is so pathetic that even the top scholarship holders, at the public expense his whole life, are asking what is in it for me, instead of what I can give to the country, before they decide whether to enter politics or not

Even the ruling political party has to resort to legalised "bribery" of million-dollar salary, perks and bonuses in order to encourage people to become Ministers.

Even highly educated and trained professionals have to be enticed, coerced and/or bribed in order to stand for elections to become PAP MPs and/or Ministers.

How many of the Millionaire Ministers have personal calling and desire to enter the political life and sincerely serve the masses - the poor, down and out - voluntarily from the start?

Even the present PM has expressed disinterest in politics before his father finally "brain-washed" him into taking up the political career.

Unlike the first generation of leaders, the Old Guards, everyone of them from the 2nd generation of leaders onwards,including the 2nd PM, in one way or another, had to be encouraged, enticed and entrapped in order to "convince" and lure them into public life, in order to make them polished ornaments out of deeply-embedded, raw materials from the dirt and mud.

Anonymous said...

And yet the Wooden woodpecker dared to insidiously labelled, by insinuations, that the first generation leaders are therefore also 'mediocre' for earning less than 500K a year, a comment which some children of the first generation leaders find offensive.

He also labelled those that migrated as 'losers' but failed to realise his own daughter is one of them.

Aung Juan Soon Chee must ask him where is 'Goal 2010' and 'Swiss Standard of Living' that he boasted.

Anonymous said...

A country socially engineered into an obedient authority-fearing society is destined to fail in the long-run, in a global economy.

The one person single-handedly engineered the Singapore society to meteoric rise did not envisage that his doing is going to also be his undoing.

Anonymous said...

One day, in the not too distant future, Singaporeans will be replaced by India Indians. There is no doubt about this if CECA is allowed to continue for the next 15 to 20 years.

Anonymous said...

The hungry scavengers from other countries will swallow and eat the no-protest Singaporeans for breakfast, lunch and dinner alive

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 3.08pm


Anonymous said...

See who is the next PM.

Anonymous said...

Not goldfish?

SSO said...

If the next PM is Indian, then it is game over.

Anonymous said...

When that day comes, cry also no tears.

How near are we to that day?

Anonymous said...

Soon. Only PM seat last episode.

Anonymous said...

Then definitely back to third world?

Anonymous said...

Hello Singaporeans, please do not kpkb so much. You voted them in, so live with it. The best outcome in this situation is for the needle to prick the 61% PAP voters. Only then things might change for the better. However, Singaporeans have been socially engineered into a zombie society, it would take a miracle for it to happen. As people often say, " they have got you by the balls and they will never let go ". So, message to all Singaporeans, live with it and stop whinging.

Anonymous said...

Probably people tot he got stroke b4 might relapse anytime so hardly can be, or he might be 1 term then faster handover to next one who knows..

Anonymous said...

Stroke man is not ruthless enough to become pee ayam.

Anonymous said...

Kpkb is good for the soul of the losers.

Anonymous said...

Cannot even protest. One man is considered as an illegal assembly if you protest as an individual, just holding a cardboard with a mascot drawn on it. This ridiculous situation exists because the people have become obedient robots.

Anonymous said...

Much more to come....


Anonymous said...

9 long long years ago, Temasek Poly employed Ferrera Brouchez, kept him in its payroll without detection, all along, and even cannot uncover him is a FAKE.

Along with MoEdn, no one, not one there at MoEdn able to vet him, and apparently lacked efforts to do so, granted him permission to work, I mean granted him permission to cheat.

Simply to say Ferrera met their requirements is THE MOST CALLOUS SCANDAL one can find amongst PAP DNA.

As public institutions, what had they answered to Singaporeans re this whole cheating affair?

What had they done to be responsible custodian of Singaporean taxes?

Worst of all before election PAP candidates were quoted and reported they give back to the system they benefitted from – what the heck is this, when NONE of them, so called above mediocre talents, has the guts to get their superiors to account and answer to fellow citizens?

Anonymous said...

We always talk as if the whole of Singapore voted them in. There is still a 38% that did not. Kpkb by them is to register their disagreements with certain policies and is certainly more useful than just keeping quiet like real zombies, which will give the ruling elites the impression that everything is fine.

Like what Wooden woodpecker seems to think, no dissenting voices does not mean there are no problems. Someone must focus on those bad policies, and whether kpkb is good or bad can be gauged from the last election, which saw Sengkang reaching the finishing line first by defeating several big guns from the ruling elites that thought Sengkang was a piece of cake for the taking.

That loss in Sengkang is certainly a wake up call to the PAP as well as the opposition. There is no sure thing as sure win. Even Goldfish almost failed to reach the finishing line, winning by a whisker. Social media played a big part.

Anonymous said...


.......which saw the opposition in Sengkang reaching the finishing line first by defeating several big guns from the ruling elites....


Anon 10.08

SSO said...

Ten Rules For Success:

1. Follow the rainbow
2. Never give up
3. Be open minded
4. Make the best of your life
5. Be passionate!
6. Stand your ground
7. Show effort
8. Learn from your own experiences
9. Be consistent
10. Dedicate your life to something great.

Guess who said those ten rules?

SSO said...

Example of how a pathetic, programmed Sinkie thinks:

"IMHO, Jolovan Wham should just stick to what he does best, which is to continue to support the migrant workers.

All this wasting of thousands is really not in his best interest, especially when it’s for childish pranks and civil disobedience.

After so many courts appearance, hasn’t he learned that when you go against the party, it’s not a fight but a slaughter?"

PS: The above comment is taken from TRE.

SSO said...

If Uber Drivers are to be treated as workers, then all taxi drivers are also workers, not self-employed


Friday (19-2-2021):

Uber drivers must be treated as workers rather than self-employed, the UK's Supreme Court has ruled.

The decision could mean thousands of Uber drivers are entitled to minimum wage and holiday pay.

The ruling could leave the ride-hailing app facing a hefty compensation bill, and have wider consequences for the gig economy.

Uber said the ruling centred on a small number of drivers and it had since made changes to its business.


That means for the past donkey years, all the taxi drivers have been short-changed and cheated?