White racist Americans continue to bully and ill treat the blacks

 It was reported that burly, more than 6 foot tall white rogues, in police uniforms, attacked a 9 year old black girl, claiming that she was threatening to harm her parents and herself. They dragged her into a police car and continued to pepper spray the young girl, a 9 year old child. 

Can you believe that several burly 6 footers, well trained white policemen could not handle a 9 year old black girl and had to handcuff her and subjected her to pepper spray while she was handcuffed and inside a police car? What was that for? Abuse of power or pure bullying of blacks, and in this case a 9 year old child, a girl? It is racism. It is against human rights.

This can only happen in America, a highly racist country that has swept this racism against the blacks, still treating them like the slaves of yore, sub humans, to be abused and beaten and killed as and when they liked it.  And their media covered up most of these ill treatments and atrocities against the blacks by not reporting them if not discovered.

And the white supremacist rogues went all over the world talking about human rights, democratic rights, individual rights, freedom and rule of law! And they not only preached to the world, but lectured and accused other countries of abusing human rights and cruelties to their minorities.

Keep on misbehaving like white rogues. In this era you cannot get away with your crimes today or committed in the past. The worse genocide ever committed against the human race, on the native Americans, killing as many as 100m according to some of their own recorded history, and got the cheek to fabricate lies about genocide in Xinjiang when the population of Uyghurs is increasing and easily outnumbered the few native Indians still alive in the reservations.

And what kind of cruelties against another human bean can be worse than hunting down black Africans like wild animals to be chained and transported to America as slaves, to work just to be able to live without being paid and subject to all kinds of cruelties, beating and lynching, and systemic rape of the women folks as a white privilege over their slaves.

Today, the blacks are still treated with disdain and to be killed freely in the streets of America by white rogues called white policemen, in the name of the law.

These are American white lies laid out bare for the world to see today, thanks to the invention of social media, blogs, tweets, facebooks, tiktoks etc etc. The evil white supremacist Americans can no longer hide their crimes against the blacks and humanity all over the world.

Now they are going after the North Koreans, no nuclear weapons or else, white the Americans continue to acquire more deadly new nuclear weapons to threaten and to use against other nation states. 

The British, after leaving EU, are now free to be the American barking dog. They have fabricated a story of systemic rape in Xinjiang prison, another white lie that colonialists were used to do. They have even cancelled the licence of CGTN in UK. These white trouble makers are out to destroy China everyday and by all means.  China should reciprocate by cancelling the licence of BBC and cut down trade with Britain just like they did to Australia.  Without the EU, without China, this little island would be gasping for air, would have to beg the Americans and its 5 eyes partners for bread.

China, just do it. You have nothing to lose dealing with these white scums with an anti China agenda. The Indians are doing very well taking over the former colonies of Britain in the Indian Ocean and Africa and on the way to take over Britain and maybe the USA as well. The Asians, Africans, Arabs and Latinos should work together as a bloc not to trade with the 5 eyes countries and work towards taking these lands back for the natives. The whites are very good in creating blocs to attack Asian, African, Arab and Latin American states. Learn from the whites, build a bloc to block the sunlight out of the evil 5 eyes countries.

England was just a little island when it took over the major parts of the world. Why can't the rest of the world take over the 5 eyes countries? It is a matter political will and organisation to make it happen, to stop these evil white countries from dictating to the world, creating trouble for the world, divide and rule the world.

The wind of change is here. They are gradually being crippled by Covid19 and would not come out from it without losing an arm or a leg. Time for a reverse colonisation of the Anglo Saxon tribes by their victims, a combined people from the rest of the world. They are now on their own, without EU to be on their side.


Anonymous said...

"The Indians are doing very well taking over the former colonies of Britain in the Indian Ocean and Africa ... with Indian-origin politicians in control."

This grand pattern of the Indians encompasses nations in South East Asia?

Anonymous said...

Rb i wishing for the day of your prediction to happen so that I can own several blondes with large melons as slaves

Anonymous said...

Anon 10.37

Have you forgotten to take your medication and hallucinating day in and day out.

You are hallucinating so much about India taking over the world, that you are not aware that the Indians are doing very well with more than 300 million infected with COVID19.

Sad, really sad! The Ganges will soon be overflowing with corpse.

Anonymous said...

Ever wonder why the USA is so paranoid about Chinese tech giants and apps as to ban them? Because they are linked to the Chinese Government? Bullshit! It because these Chinese tech giants and apps on sites, if followed widely, will expose the USA's history of cruelty, crimes against humanity, hypocrisy, not just against the Blacks but against the non Whites in Asia, Africa, Middle East and South America. They are chipping away, like what Tik Tok is doing, and the USA Government is alarmed.

Already some Westerner posting videos of the real China are being censored on Youtube among others. Their subscribers have been cut down to show just a fraction of what the real subscription is really like. This is indicated by the fact that when such videos were posted on other sites, the number of subscribers were multiples of those on Youtube. Now, since Youtube is evidently the most popular site that videos will be viewed, so why such a vast discrepancy exist.

Anonymous said...

"Why can't the rest of the world take over the 5 eyes countries?"

China can do an India-CECA on Australia - send more and more Chinese to be new citizens of Australia and eventually take control of the Australasian continent!

Anonymous said...

China issues fresh warnings of racist attacks by white Aussies on studying in Australia

China’s Ministry of Education (MOE) on Friday (Feb 05) issued a fresh warning on studying in Australia due to the recent anti-Chinese attacks in the country, a move that many believe is prompt and necessary for the safety of Chinese students.

In the announcement issued, the MOE warned Chinese students to make a full risk assessment and consider carefully whether to go or return to Australia to study.

It noted that a series of vicious attacks on Chinese students that have happened recently in multiple places in Australia have posed a serious threat to their personal safety.

“The Australian government's continuous attacks against China, which have been echoed by the media, has misguided the local Australian people to generate hostility toward the Chinese,” Chen Hong, director at East China Normal University in Shanghai said on Friday.

There have been a growing number of reports of Chinese students being abused and beaten in Australia, apparently due to race, according to information provided by the China Education Association for International Exchange, a non-profit organization.

In particular, there were such reports on three consecutive days in January. The attacks included physical abuse and verbal insults such as using racist words like "chigga."

“The worsening discrimination problem that Chinese students face in Australia has reached an alarmingly high degree,” Chen said.

The intensity, frequency and severity of the discrimination that Chinese students are facing in Australia once again proves that it is necessary to warn the students and their parents to consider carefully going to the country to study, he noted.

[ GT ]

Anonymous said...

On three consecutive days in January:

A female Chinese student was insulted and beaten in the head by a group of six people in Sydney on January 12.

The following day, a master's degree student surnamed Wu at Monash University was beaten by a white man after shopping near the campus and had the cartilage in his nose broken.

On the evening of January 14, a Chinese student at Australian National University was attacked by a group at a bus station in Canberra, getting serious injuries to his jaw, right cheek and multiple abrasions. The abusers also insulted them with racist words like "chigga."

Chinese students have suffered from discrimination and stigmatization by some Australian media and politicians, said Yin Kai, secretary general of the overseas study service branch of CEAIE. Yin also suggested updating information about the racial attacks in a timely manner for prospective students to refer to.

Many Chinese students in Australia expressed regret and suggested Chinese applicants look at other countries considering the discrimination and racist attacks problems.

[ GT ]

Anonymous said...

China replaces Australian iron ore, coal imports with African alternatives

One year after Scott Morrison's government further soured China-Australia ties by calling for a weapons-inspector style investigation into COVID-19's origins while China was in the midst of containing the novel coronavirus, Chinese ports are beginning to receive hundreds of thousands of tons of coal and a full shipload of iron ore from Sierra Leone, a sign that does not bode well for Australia.

The first batch of 160,000 tons of seaborne coal from South Africa, weighing 2,387 tons, was loaded onto trains heading for Nanning, the capital of South China's Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region on Thursday. The coal shipment, arriving after a voyage of over 20 days, is the first load of imports by China from South Africa in five years.

Also, a ship loaded with iron ores mined by the Kingho New Tonkolili Iron Ore Project in the West African country, the very first shipment for the new project, left the Port of Pepel and was heading toward China on January 29.

These two developments are clearly aimed at tackling China's overreliance on coal and iron ore resources from Australia, after a winter of shortage woes for thermal coal and recent runaway iron ore prices sent renewed alerts to Chinese policymakers. These shipments of the important materials from alternative source countries showed that it is easy for China to replace Australia as its import source.

"China's cooperation with developing countries has been rapidly expanding in recent years, and many of these countries are rich in natural resources and are seeking to achieve economic development and growth themselves via trade," said Song Wei, an associate research fellow at the Chinese Academy of International Trade and Economic Cooperation.

Despite it being easy for China to replace Australia with alternative trading partners, it will be difficult for Australia, on the other hand, to find alternative exports market to recoup its losses from the Chinese market.

Australian media has arrogantly declared that iron ore is a seller's market and Australia is the seller. In 2019-20, Australia accounted for 53 per cent of global iron ore exports, most of which went to China.

They believed that Australia’s prized iron ore exports are untouchable, and China will shoot itself in the foot by messing with iron ore supply as there is no substitute in the short term to fuel China’s steel-intensive development plans, while the inclusion of coal in China's trade war with Australia has been very costly to the Chinese.

Anonymous said...

That guy needed the doramy treatment lar

SSO said...

This kind of blunder can also happen during PM Lee Hsien Loong's watch! During LKY time, this kind of blunder would not have happened.

SINGAPORE: An employee at the Singapore National Eye Centre (SNEC) was wrongly administered the equivalent of five doses of the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine due to a human blunder, the public healthcare institution said on Saturday (Feb 6).

The blundering action happened on Jan 14 during a vaccination exercise conducted at SNEC for its staff members.