The aspiration of young Singaporeans? What is the message?

SINGAPORE: I recall feeling something was amiss when I drove for Uber. This was back in 2016.

Initially, I couldn’t pin down what that was. A few days in, I realised that something was work stress.

Since no work could be carried forward as a private hire driver, I didn’t think about work after switching off my driving app.

There was no company’s P&L to worry about over the weekend, no dreaded performance conversations to have next week and most importantly, no pointless meetings that achieved little.

Having been extremely stressed out over a past business venture, that lack of work stress was most welcoming. With no hamster wheel to keep running on, I could actually stop and smell the roses.    

That was my first taste of independence and freedom as a gig economy worker, something that I reminiscence about quite fondly.

The above is written by a reporter, Adrian Tan in CNA.

Is this is what our reporters are good at writing? This is what the readers are being told as something good or desirable for Singaporeans. No stress, can smell the roses. Tough work is not good. Let the foreign talents take care of them, and Singaporeans can relac, become grab drivers or delivery men and enjoy life.

No need to buy HDB flats, no mortgages to pay, so senang, no debt.

What is the message?


Virgo49 said...


Good morning

New Generations Manure Millineials or So called Proud Boys and Girls are following the Western Culture of Work Ethics.

Not Asian Value hard work of toils from as young as teens when their families are dirt poor to minimum at least fifties to sixties or even longer when they still have not enough for retirements.

The Western Concept of Work is their bullshits balance of life and work.

That's is you must also enjoy your life at the same time whilst you are sic working.

So in between, you must take long holidays and if possible leave your working life for a few months or even years to smell the roses and enjoy your lives whilst you are still young and able and then back to looking for another job and restart the same circle again.

The Chow Ang Mohs can have these styles of lifestyles as they are cushioned by their benenolvent so called imaginery rich governments who previously had plungered and robbed many Asian Natives and their own Natives of their Wealth.

Thus, with their unemployment and other social benefits their young are being spolit and have these decandent lifestyles.

Now, everywhere the young are also following these trends as they thought that lifes should be lived like this and NOT the stupidity of the old and older generations that slogged their lives with non stop work like slaves and animals.

Also, now with their bullshits what's start ups of throwing monies into Drains businesses that contracted only what's nonsense gig workers that are free lance and part timers so as to escape all the responsibilities as employers drew these fun loving youngters who are also cushioned by their parents and lulled into these types of jobs.

To them these should be the lives that they should be living, both easy work lifes and fun lifes to do as what's they want.

Never know that they are been exploited to their fullest by these unscrupulous entrepruers and employers.

In a wink of an eye, they be nearing their retirements ages and just like the chow ang mohs when hit with a disaster like the Pandemic be lining up for food and no monies even to pay for their rentals.

These are their lifestyles of fun and smelling of roses when they are young.

So now they have to smell their shits.

Most all don't even own their properties and have a roof over their heads.

So, you reaped what's you sow is very apt.

SSO said...

Basic idea of the Dictatorship of the Proletariat is to make sure majority of the peasants and farmers remain peasants and farmers - toil all day with little time left for pleasure, except making babies at night.

For those who are not peasants or farmers, they are not allowed to hold high lucrative posts like bank CEO (these are reserved for India Indians) and Lawyers and Judges (these are reserved for local Indians). These non-peasants and non-farmers may have some free time at hand. With the free time they are to go travelling and use up those free time, so that they will have no time to get involved in Opposition Politics or support the Opposition Parties actively.

In this way, the majority will not have enough money and time to get involved in politics.

For those who want to join politics, they must join PAP only. If they join Opposition Parties, they will be closely monitored and their lives may become more and more stressful and difficult. A lot of obstacles will be laid along their paths for them to step on.

The above is PAP strategy for the past 50 years

Anonymous said...

China aims high-income country for its masses, Singapore settles for low-income gig economy for Sinkies

When China convenes the most important event on its political calendar, the annual National People's Congress, on March 5, it will approve a long-term plan spanning 15 years. By the end of that road map, in 2035, China sees itself replacing the U.S. as the world's largest economy.

The two-week session of the NPC-- China's parliament --comes a little over a month after the inauguration of U.S. President Joe Biden, with the new American administration aiming to align allies and partners to form a united front to face a "strategic competition" with China.

The Communist Party's Politburo on Friday discussed the details of China's next five-year plan, which runs through 2025, as well as long-term goals through 2035 and the annual government work report to be delivered at the congress.

Among the goals of the new five-year plan are to expand the middle class, which already counts 400 million, and to become a high-income country. That economy will rely less on external demand and be supported by domestic consumption.

China also wants to hone its technological prowess so as to build supply chains immune to external sanctions -- a response to the U.S. enlisting partners in the growing Sino-American economic and technological rivalry.

Singapore, with its employment space for citizens squeezed by the presence of more than 2.3 million foreigners, is subtly encouraging its people to take on low-income gig economy jobs. A recent commentary in the global city's state media CNA headlined that gig workers maybe don't want full time jobs, and praised the independence and freedom as a gig economy worker.

Anonymous said...

When a country is led by sickos that have no idea on how to move ahead by raising the quality of life of its people other than how to increase their own salaries, what do you expect the policies would be?

When a country is led by a bunch of liars with average IQs, the only thing they could think of to win a race is to throw obstacles in the path of the competitors or to break their legs. They forgot that they could make their people work harder and run faster to win the race.

Anonymous said...

I think they are going to promote selling 'kachang Puteh'. Another CEO job to be revived.

Anonymous said...

RB that dude really needed to be sodomuzed jialat jialat for spreading this nonsense

1984 George Orwell said...

This is a very strong indication that the country is being led down the gutters.

You have gutter politics and gutter political hacks pretending to "do good do together" but you do all the works and they take the goodies.

They make themselves filthy rich multi-millionaires using tax-payers' money through easi-peesi parliamentary process and make you compete like hell with foreign scavengers and wild life, which they intentionally and relentlessly imported vigorously on a daily basis, so as to overwhelm and saturate the job markets, so that you will have no choice jobs nor lucrative pays.

Not only that. They also purposely imported select gutter foreigners, and convert them into Singapore citizens, in order for them to be eligible to hold CEO posts in Singapore government owned enterprises instead of grooming and training local talents to hold those lucrative and powerful posts.

I think there is one person responsible for all the ills that Singaporeans have been facing for the past 15 years. The longer this person stays in power, the more and longer Singaporeans will have to endure the hardship and suffering.

And Singapore will go down deeper and deeper into the gutters.

It is time for a complete change. What do you think?

Virgo49 said...

Youngsters wanted to have carefree and leisurely lifes with independence.

These comes with a price. Without enforced savings and contributions by their permanent employers most are without much savings after they reached retirements age.

That's when their miserable lifes will begin after their independence and leisurely lifestyles.

That's why now the MPs are worried and harping in Parliament to have them sort of benefits as due to permanent employment workers.

You think these enterepreuners of gig industries will adhere to their demands?

Part timers, free lancers etc want these benefits?

No way have their cakes and eat them.

Twenty or thirty years down the road you will have hundreds of thousands begging in the streets
or selling tissue papers.

Anonymous said...

That is why Governments are worried about the 'buy now pay later' mindset. It is basically spending what they have not earned, and if further down the road they have little savings and even lost their jobs, that is going to be a big problem. Just look at the USA with large segments of the population with less than US400 left in their pockets to live on.

On the other hand it is a good idea for businesses to grow that way, otherwise how many younger people have the means to buy those big value items like cars. In the sixties we called that 'hire purchase' with the vendor resorting to repossessing the items if payments are not made or in default.

Perhaps the thinking is that when trouble comes they think it is just a matter of running to the Government for help. And what little help they get will in the end breed a new generation spending like no tomorrow. It is not a pleasant scenario.

Anonymous said...

HAHAHA, The aspiration of young Singaporeans? The answer is obvious!!!!! Grab driver, delivery for McD, Pizza Hut, KFC etc, security personnels etc or at best become hawkers at foodcourts. Bankers jobs for the Indians, front desk receptions for the Pinnoys, Technician jobs and management for the PRCs. Singaporeans better be humble and accept the inevitable. Sorry for Singaporeans. You are now second class citizens in your own country. HAHAHA.

Anonymous said...

When Singaporeans find a little bit of work stressful, stressed out, and want to smell the roses, it is only a matter of time when the foreigners will eat all their lunches.

By the time they woke up, everything would no longer be theirs, all taken away by the foreigners.