Fake degree is a crime against Singaporeans - I am very angry. Are you angry?

I am very angry and very sorry for all the Singaporeans that have lost their jobs to these fake degree holders.

Someone must be responsible for this tragedy happening to Singaporeans. This thing did not happen yesterday. This thing is no secret. This thing is open secret.  Everyone knows about it. You do not have to put your ears on the ground to hear it.

Why must Singaporeans suffered because of the incompetence of those who let this happened to them?

Would something finally be done to save Singaporeans from this cancer?

I don't think so. The damage is so severe that taking them out would be like pulling down the whole house. And we paid millions for this painful and sickening mess. Sigh.

Why is this happening to Singaporeans? Would Lee Kuan Yew and the first generation of leaders allow this to happen if they are in charge?

Are you angry? 

What kind of crime is this? Singaporeans do not deserve this kind of injustice.


SSO said...

Of course, I am very angry too. It is cheating and fraudulent behaviour plain and simple. How can such fraudulent characters be employed by any employer or government agencies?

It is equivalent to condoning and encouraging such criminal characters to flourish.

Governments that allowed such criminals to be employed, instead of putting them behind bars, are actually encouraging them to commit more crimes, especially White Collar crimes.

Therefore, government leaders are implicitly and complicitly
involved in this Game of Cheating in the Century.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

How many Singaporeans have lost their jobs to fake degrees?

How many Singaporeans are working under people with fake degrees?

How many Singaporeans had been interviewed by fake degree holders and found unsuitable for jobs?

How many Singaporeans have been sacked by fake degree holders?

How many Singaporeans are having financial problems, broken families because of fake degree holders?

Can this be allowed to go on like nothing is wrong, business as usual?

Would someone feel responsible enough to put an end to this tragedy?

Anonymous said...

What can one say when even the cuntry leader also encourages one to steal other's lunches?
To exposed these fakes r not ez, whistle blowers who believe u..
The only one of solution is to VTO.. but this takes a long long time.

Anonymous said...

Yes! Yes! Yes!

I feel very very very very very very very very sorry for Singaporeans that have lost their jobs to fake degree holders!

Must punish them "eat strength eat strength"!

Jail them! Jail them! Jail them!

Anonymous said...

The 61.24% think Singaporeans deserve this kind of injustice.

Anonymous said...

But the old man said if anything goes wrong he is going to rise up from the grave?

But what to do? You cannot say he is lying or you will be sued until your suspenders drop.

Anonymous said...

I am also very angry. Thousands of sinkies are working in hk financial sectors cause they got pushed out from here. Many wanted to return but thete are no jobs for them here as posts mainky taken by FT. Cheats or not i wont know.

Anonymous said...

I am terribly angry because I am one of those who have lost my IT job to those fakes who are willing to receive only one-third of my pay. But I had to teach them what and how to do my job. How would you feel if you were me?

Anonymous said...

@Anon 527pm

///But I had to teach them what and how to do my job. How would you feel if you were me?///

I feel that you're stupid. U noe u losing ur job still wanna teach dem? Just do fuck lah.

Get angry for fuck?!?! Angry can pay for children Uni har? Or pay ur condo mortgage har? Or buy new Toyota or Tesla har? Or pay for private hospital treatment har?

I was IT programmer in the 1990s. I saw the civil service & GLCs bring in china IT in the early 1990s & india IT in the late 1990s. Then filipino IT in the 2000s. By 2010 I'm permanently out of job.

I didn't get angry. I got rich. How? By making full use of opportunities & the system.

Now I'm a multi-millionaire & enjoying life with my family.

I don't give a fuck if PAPies is the govt or WP is the govt or PSP is the govt. They are all fuckers & I don't and won't depend on any of them.



Anonymous said...

Who is closing one eye huh ?

Anonymous said...

Fake degrees holders mostly from India working in Singapore is depriving Singaporean graduates of the jobs. That cannot be denied. However, if you drill down to the root of this problem, one should also blame employers who seek to engage the cheapest demand in salary. An Indian graduate would ask for a salary lower than what a Singaporean would asked for. Furthermore, an employee from India would be more obedient and a little more hardworking because otherwise his contract could be terminated. No days off for NS duties is another factor. At the end of the day, it is the bottom line that matters if you are running a business.

Anonymous said...

Furthermore what the employers get is a confirmed 'modern slave' to slog at his company for the next 2 to 3 yrs. Whereas the young Sinkies nowadays would hv left to look for greener pastures elsewhere. Moreover these Indians had pay their agents lump of money most will die die stayed on the job to slog and work hard to send money home. Most will never questioned their employers and suffered in silence due to some exploitation or other.

Anonymous said...

Get a degree from NUS cannot get a job.

Get a degree from Manav Bharti University can get a job !

Speedwing said...

The CECA is the best thing since slice bread, for the Indian graduates from Manav Bharti University. Well done HSK for the gift to all these graduates from Manav Bharti University. NUS is rated as one of the best universities in Asia, but graduates from this NUS cannot compete with their Indian counterparts from India. Maybe NUS graduates are only book smart and not fit for the world stage.

SSO said...

Truth Hurts: The Pathetic, Programmed Singaporeans

Singapore kids are drilled day in day out from Play School to K1 and K2, from Primary 1 to Primary 6, from Secondary 1 to Secondary 5, from ITE to Polytechnic, from Junior College to University, from National Service to Reservists to become Obedient Dumb-Asses, unable to think by themselves for themselves without guidance and instructions from somebody above them.

India's kids are taught and trained from very young by their parents, teachers, peers and the corrupted environment to learn to survive and flourish under difficult and disadvantaged situations at all times and against all odds. Learning how to talk their way out of any situation, in order to get what they want, is the foremost requirement in their life-long learning criteria.

Singaporean kids have been systematically and subtly groomed to become daft and idiotic for at least 20 years of their early lives. Equipped with a string of deficiencies - serious lack of critical thinking ability, lack of survival instinct and lack of fighting spirit, always obey the authority and not allowed to protest - Singaporeans are doomed to fail in the competitive job markets locally and elsewhere, made more difficult by government's treacherous open-legs policies.

Growing up afraid of this and afraid of that, a Singapore child becomes by default a kiasu and kiasi young adult when he turns 21 years old. Learning to obey the Authority without question is their life-long learning

Therefore, when Election time comes, he or she will obediently and cowardly vote to retain the party in Authority, in power, to give him or her guidance and instructions like a slave receiving orders from his/her Master. By now, if he/she has no guidance and instructions, he/she simply don't know what to say and don't know what to do. He/she has become a human robot, except that it needs eat, shit and get screwed.

Accustomed, groomed and trained to be a human robotic machine, a young Singapore adult, that is unable to protest, will simply and obediently suffer in silence.

Take a look at their social media pages and blogs such as RB's, TOC and TRE, you will know that only a small handful of Singaporeans have shown interests in the political development in this country. This distinctly shows that Singaporeans are unable to voice political conviction or disinterested in participating in the process of running the country, allowing their lives to be run over and under by the ruling elites.

This is the pathetic and tragic state of affairs for Singapore and Singaporeans. Until and unless this systemic social engineering psychological programme is stopped and reversed, Singapore and Singaporeans will continue to go down the rabbit hole in this created surreal Alice Wonderland, a socially-engineered Dreamland full of hidden oversized creatures which are devious, hungry and vicious.

May God have mercy upon us!

SSO - 18 February 2021.


Anonymous said...

Well summarised and very true. From cradle to grave, a Singaporean has a whole life being controlled by the authority. Forced to follow a set of rules, any deviation from the rigid path that must be followed would result in the rotan. The state controlled MSM trumpets the glory of the ruling elites day in and day out. As they often say, if you repeat the lies often enough, these untruths would become real and accepted as truths, especially if the people have been engineered to become brain-dead. Every now and then, a sweetener would be dished out to reduce the kpkb in the coffee shops and hawker centres. Singaporeans are being groomed to be obedient and submissive. Out in the dog-eat-dog world of the CECA Indians and the PRC new citizens, I am afraid Singaporeans would be eaten alive.

Anonymous said...

The day will come when we will be reporting how many imported cases of fake degrees day in and day out like the COVID19. Then everything will be like the new normal.

When is the old man going to rise from his grave, knowing we are sliding from first world to third?

Anonymous said...

The rot is now so bad that it would be like trees falling, one by one, while still looking good superficially.

A foundation built on fake degrees and cheats cannot hold once the wind blows.

Anonymous said...

The Indianization of Singapore continues . . .

Anonymous said...

When you introduce worms and parasites into the trunk of a tree, it will rot from the inside.

Unseen, silent, vicious, they will chew away and suck the life out of the tree and it will die and collapse, while the worms and parasites will crawl out to find and infect more trees. Then it will be out of control.

Anonymous said...

The imbeciles still pretending that all is fine. Cannot see anything wrong with their stupid open leg policy. Cannot see the cheats taking over the island. Cannot that one day the cheats will eat them for lunch. Still very happy counting their millions and make the stupid go to take degrees for hawking or reskill/retrain to take lower skill and lower paying jobs.

Anonymous said...

'Upskilling or job upgrading' is actually 'downskilling or job downgrading' to be honest.

From PMET to driving taxis, security job and hawking is no upgrade in every sense of the word.

But, as someone mentioned, these are jobs that makes one a CEO. So maybe in that sense it is a downgrade masquerading as an upgrade.

Anonymous said...

Based on local Indian media reports, RFL has filed a petition with the Delhi High Court to substitute DBI (DBS India) as the defendant instead of LVB for the lawsuit involving misappropriating of fixed deposits. The subsequent investigation is said to have uncovered grave irregularities and severe violation of regulations at LVB.

Concerns have increased that the two ongoing lawsuits would create legal uncertainties for DBI.

Anonymous said...

Why is DBS India responsible for crimes committed by LVB management? How foolish can DBS India or DBS be? Is this a scheme to rob DBS India bankrupt? Where is the due diligence?

Anonymous said...

Unsurprising lah, because it's India.

Anonymous said...





No cure!